Noah, Olivia CS’s most popular baby names in 2020

By Jay Socol, Director of Public Communications

You know who increased the difficulty even more? The College Station families who welcomed 1,600+ babies during a year like no other. As if going on safari for toilet paper and hand sanitizer wasn’t enough.

As has become tradition, it’s time to examine the 1,640 names we registered in 2020. Some names invoke hope and strength, while others are a nod to past generations. Then there are those that are delightfully original. Nowhere to be found: Rona, K’Rona or Pam Demic. On behalf of a grateful city, I thank you for that… 

So, let’s dive in!

The following numbers and trends are courtesy of Yvette Dela Torre, our amazing deputy local registrar who handles College Station’s vital statistics (birth and death records) reporting.

20132,1591,0661,09336 sets 
20142,4601,2641,19630 sets1 set
20152,4941,2451,24950 sets 
20162,3071,2061,16444 sets 
20172,3981,1681,23048 sets1 set
20182,0169701,04627 sets 
20191,55677278422 sets 
20201,64084080021 sets 

Remember that the decline in births that began in 2018 remains attributed to no labor and delivery services being offered at CHI St. Joseph Health College Station Hospital (formerly College Station Medical Center). All hospital births in College Station occurred at Baylor Scott & White Hospital. That will change in 2021, as St. Joes will transition all labor and delivery services from its Bryan facility to College Station.

Most popular BOYS’ first names

  • Noah (9)
  • James, Jackson, Samuel (8) 
  • Benjamin, Elijah, Ezra, Oliver (7)

Most popular GIRLS’ first names

  • Olivia (11)
  • Emma (10)
  • Ava, Riley, Sofia (9)

More 2020 birth stats

  • Month with the most births: July (166)
  • Month with the fewest births: January (103) 
  • Day with the most births: July 30 (12)
  • Home births: 3

Okay, fam, let’s talk about middle names. Last year, I waggled a finger at College Station parents for their apparent chronic refusal to choose something unique. I mean, look at where we’ve been and where we remain.

2020: Grace, Rose & Marie (tied), Ann

2019: Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2018: Rose, Grace, Marie
  • 2017: Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2016: Grace, Marie, Rose
  • 2015: Grace, Marie, Ann
  • 2014: Grace, Marie, Nicole
  • 2020: James, Lee, Michael

    • 2019: James, Lee, Michael
    • 2018: James, Lee, Alexander
    • 2017: James, Alexander, Wayne
    • 2016: James, Michael, Alexander
    • 2015: James, Michael, Lee
    • 2014: James, Wayne, Alexander

    Setting that rut aside, here are some 2020 first and middle names that caught my eye and were deserving of some creative categorization.

    Reflecting calm during a pandemic

    • Autumn Carolyn Tracy
    • Cherish Lynette Ronae
    • Faith Ann
    • Harmony Evon
    • Harmony Renae
    • Joy Madalynn
    • Juniper Autumn
    • Ocean Grace
    • Serenity Renee
    • Violet Skye


    • Ozzy Sue
    • Hendrix Leigh

    Most likely to hit a home run

    • Beau Jaxson
    • Jackie Robinson

    Names that also could be commands

    • Chase Michael
    • Chase Josiah
    • Chase Harley
    • Chase Wesley
    • Judge Oliver
    • Judge Wade

    Interesting and phonetically nails it

    • Khoopyr Lee (5 Coopers)
    • Linkon Ryder (4 Lincolns)

    Y not?

    • Liberti Samone
    • Merci Elaine
    • Triniti Jocile

    ‘80s primetime television

    • Dallas Jai
    • Dynasti Dan’lya Starr

    Thou shalt create a memorable name

    • Moses Stone

    But you can call me Rick!

    • Richard Toahere Kanani Kamuela

    Will always have the coolest motorcycle

    • Tron Leonardo

    Deserving of a throne crib

    • Queen Deity

    Yvette Dela Torre’s faves

    Remember Yvette, our deputy local registrar? This year, I asked for her favorite names among the 1,640 on the list. Her answers not only made me realize I should’ve been doing this all along, but also because it reveals her current obsession with Vikings and the Outlander book series.

    • Aoife: Irish Gaelic: Beauty, warrior princess
    • Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom and war
    • Braven: Brave to be born during a pandemic!
    • Calum: Scottish Gaelic: Dove
    • Freya: Noble lady; Norse goddess of love and fertility

    Thanks to all the Noahs and Olivias, College Station ended 2020 with a population estimate of 124,710.

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    Jay Socol (@jaysocol) is in his 12th year as College Station’s public communications director. A 1991 graduate of Texas A&M. Jay has also been communications director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, public information officer for the City of Bryan, and news director at several Bryan-College Station area radio stations. A native of Breckenridge, he also serves as president of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers.


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