City waives winter storm repair permit fees

By Michael Ostrowski, Director of Planning and Development Services

The City of College Station’s Planning and Development Services is waiving required permit fees for residential or commercial repairs related to this week’s winter storm. 

To receive the waiver when applying through the city’s online permitting system (eTRAKIT), select “2021 Winter Storm Repair” as the permit type, then the appropriate subtype for the repair.  

The permit fee waiver will be in effect for permit applications through March 7.  Work not related to storm damage does not qualify. Homeowners and contractors should apply for the appropriate permit type for that work through eTRAKiT.

The city requires contractors to register before obtaining a permit. When registering, contractors must provide:

  • Copy of state license.
  • Certificate of insurance.
  • Registration fee.
  • Completed contractor registration form. 

A homeowner may obtain a building permit for work on a building they own and occupy as a homestead. However, licensed contractors must obtain electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits. 

Permits are required for:

  • Building a new structure or altering or repairing an existing structure, including replacing roof coverings and windows. Exceptions include cosmetic repairs, including wall coverings that don’t alter structural components.
  • Installing, altering, or repairing a plumbing system. Exceptions include unstopping a drain line, provided that a trap, drain, waste, or vent pipe isn’t removed and replaced with new material. A plumbing permit is also required to install, alter, enlarge, or repair a gas piping system.
  • Installing electrical wiring, devices, appliances, fixtures, and electrical equipment, except for replacing fuses, snap switches, and signal-conveying systems.
  • Installing, altering, repairing, or replacing a mechanical system. Exceptions include installing portable heating devices and cooling units, and the replacement of any minor part that doesn’t alter the approval of equipment or make it unsafe.

For more information about the permitting and registration process, contact Planning and Development Services’ Building Division at or 979-764-3570.

Michael Ostrowski is in his first year as director of Planning and Development Services. He previously served as assistant planning and development director in San Marcos after many years with municipalities in Wisconsin. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, political science and public administration from Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and master’s degrees in public administration and urban planning from Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


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