Recycling old tires beats illegal dumping every time

By Julie Caler, Code Enforcement Supervisor

Old, abandoned tires are a common sight along roadways, vacant lots, and various other places. They certainly aren’t pleasant to look at, but the problems caused by improperly discarded tires are more serious.

Tires can collect stagnant water, creating an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, which can encourage the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus and encephalitis. Heaps of scrap tires also can decrease nearby property values and contribute to urban decay.

What can you do with your scrap tires? The best options are recycling and reusing.

Recycling converts worn-out tires into mulch, playground surfaces, asphalt, and much more. You can drop off your old tires at auto shops such as Discount Tire or Goodyear for a small fee.

Reusing is a free way to recycle. You can repurpose your tires as planters, swings, or even a decorative snowman. The Bored Panda lists 43 ways to recycle or reuse old tires.

Another option is to take the tires to the Twin Oaks Landfill (979-764-3832), where you’ll be charged a small special waste fee. Our solid waste and recycling crews can’t pick them up, so don’t leave them at the curb.

These are much better options than tossing the tires in a vacant lot or allowing them to collect on your property. And it beats getting a citation from Code Enforcement.

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Code Enforcement Supervisor Julie Caler has been with the City of College Station for two decades.


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