What’s considered appropriate attire for city swimming pools?

By Kelli Nesbitt, Parks & Recreation Marketing Coordinator

If you’re like most sun-loving people, when you head to a swimming pool for a dip, you grab your swimsuit, towel, and plenty of sunscreen. But when you use a city-owned facility such as Adamson Lagoon or Cindy Hallaran Pool, you may hesitate. 

Is what you’re wearing appropriate?

With Adamson and Hallaran set to open Memorial Day weekend, the Parks & Recreation Department has released its new swim attire policy with guidelines for what you can — and can’t — wear for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The reasons behind the policy aren’t all about modesty, either. Many of the rules are intended to maintain water quality and to keep our equipment functioning properly. The best swimsuits are generally made of non-absorbent lycra and nylon, which are light materials that also won’t weigh you down in the water.

Colored or dyed material — unless it’s specifically made for swimming — can bleed, affecting the pool water’s chemistry and balance. Meanwhile, cotton and similar materials can absorb the chemicals in the water, altering the balance and clarity. Cotton can also break down and clog the filters.

Click on the following chart to see what’s allowed — and what isn’t.

If a patron violates the guidelines, we’ll ask them to change into proper attire. We don’t want to turn anyone away, but our overriding goal is to keep the water safe and sparkling clean. 

If you still have questions, contact us at 979-764-3540 or parks@cstx.gov

Let’s enjoy a great summer!

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