Intensive Comprehensive Plan 10-year update process nears a rewarding conclusion

By Amy Albright, Staff Planner

Since early August, city staff has engaged almost 200 residents for final input on the proposed Comprehensive Plan update before it goes to the City Council for approval in mid-October. Citizens have viewed the proposal and provided feedback through online surveys, interactive maps, and in-person open house events.

The Comprehensive Plan is the city’s broadest public policy document, and the update acknowledges the rapid pace of societal and technological trends that affect the city’s development. For example, ride-hailing and e-commerce were far less prevalent when the city first adopted the Comprehensive Plan in 2009. The original plan looked ahead to a 2030 planning horizon with regular evaluations and updates during its lifespan. 

The pace of innovation and change is unlikely to slow in the next 10 years, and unpredictable circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the importance of flexible — yet robust — planning.

The 10-year update marks the halfway point of the original plan and the culmination of “The Next 10” evaluation process, which began in the summer of 2019 and has engaged more than 800 people who live, work, or attend school in College Station. 

The updated Comprehensive Plan provides a guiding framework for city policy and decision-making. It includes:

  • An updated, citizen-led VISION.
  • Revised GOALS that better reflect citizens’ aspirations.
  • Specific ACTIONS to achieve each goal.
  • Changes to future land uses, thoroughfares, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities with associated maps.
  • A new Collaborative Partnerships chapter that emphasizes the city’s continued coordination with local and regional partners.
  • A more user-friendly and streamlined plan document.

Our public engagement campaign has wrapped up, but citizens can follow the official approval process and sign up to speak before the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Board on Monday (3 p.m.), the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on Tuesday (6 p.m.), the Planning & Zoning Commission on Thursday (6 p.m.), and the City Council before it considers adopting the plan on Thursday, Oct. 14 (5 p.m.).

Thank you to the engaged citizens and board and council members who were involved in the update process. The potential adoption of the updated plan represents not the finish line but a new beginning as we have an opportunity to implement the primary focus of our residents’ vision as stated in the document:

“College Station, the proud home of Texas A&M University and the heart of Aggieland, will serve as an example of a vibrant, forward-thinking, knowledge-based community that promotes the highest quality of life.”

Together, let’s make this vision a reality!

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About the Blogger

Amy Albright serves as a Staff Planner in the City’s Planning and Development Services department. A Chicago native, she earned an undergraduate degree in planning from Texas A&M and worked for the City of Dallas before heading across the pond to earn a master’s degree in transport and city planning at University College London. 

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