City’s annual review highlights an impressive array of FY 21 accomplishments 

By Tamanna Tasnum, Staff Planner

Have you noticed a road construction project in College Station and wondered what’s going on? Or seen sports tournaments at Veterans Park and Athletic Complex and wondered how many people attend those events?

An annual City of College Station report answers those types of questions and highlights the city’s initiatives and projects. The positive accomplishments that occurred in 2021 are impressive.

The FY2021 Comprehensive Plan & Unified Development Ordinance Annual Review features actions and programs completed or underway in the last fiscal year. It covers the city’s guiding policy document – the  Comprehensive Plan – and associated master plans, programs, and small area plans such as neighborhood and district plans.

The review also includes amendments made to the Unified Development Ordinance. The plans, programs, and ordinances help implement the Comprehensive Plan’s vision and goals. The city council accepted the annual review in January.

The highlights include:

  • The 10-Year Update to the Comprehensive Plan
  • 25 infrastructure projects under construction
  • 24 infrastructure projects under design
  • More than 25 programs were hosted by city departments, including Parks and Recreation, Economic Development and Tourism, Community Services, and Planning and Development Services.
  • Two UDO amendments
  • 21 completed infrastructure projects (click map to enlarge):

The document includes maps of completed infrastructure projects and those under construction or design. Water and wastewater projects are typically not mapped for security purposes, so the total projects depicted in the maps may not match the totals listed.

Next year, the annual review will provide a more detailed assessment of the progress made on nearly 100 actions in the updated Comprehensive Plan.

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Staff Planner Tamanna Tasnum earned a master’s degree in urban & regional planning from Texas A&M, specializing in sustainable urbanism and transportation. She also received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Tasnum has career experiences in teaching, research, and design in architecture, interior design, and urban planning.

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