Introduce your kids to the growing sport of rugby this spring at Beachy Central Park

By Casey Prescott, Parks & Recreation Athletics Supervisor

Did you know football and rugby originated from soccer? Football and rugby also have a similar worldwide viewership of around 410 million people. 

But it isn’t easy to find rugby on television in America. At least for now.

The sport is growing in the United States through Major League Rugby. The professional league consists of 13 teams, including three in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.  

The growing interest has led us to offer an Introduction to Youth Rugby class this spring for kids ages 10-14. The best part is the Aggie Rugby coaching staff and players provide the instruction. Participants benefit from being active, learning new skills, and building confidence. 

The six-week program has classes every Tuesday and Thursday (March 22-April 28) from 6-7 p.m. at Stephen C. Beachy Central Park. The program consists of drills, strategy, and general education about the sport. Toward the end, we hope to simulate games so kids can experience the action. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and cleats with non-metal spikes.   

Registration ends March 22, and the cost is $20 for residents and $28 for non-residents. Register online, by phone at 979-764-3486, or stop by our Central Park office at 1000 Krenek Tap Road.

For more information, visit

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Casey Prescott is in his first year as athletics supervisor. A native of Austin, Casey earned a bachelor’s degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M in 2014.

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