Celebrate the monarch butterfly’s spring migration Sunday at the Lick Creek Nature Center

By Brooke Littlefield, Recreation Supervisor

As you venture outdoors to enjoy the longer days, you’ll discover we’re not the only ones influenced by the warmer days.

With spring in the air, glorious monarch butterflies will be, too!

The offspring of monarchs that overwintered in Mexico will soon kickstart their multi-generational journey to the northern United States and Canada. College Station and areas across Texas are fortunate to witness the incredible migration.

In support of monarch conservation, College Station participates in the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge to encourage habitat creation and continuing education efforts. The Lick Creek Nature Center celebrates the spring migration with a Monarch March on Sunday from 1-4 p.m. The family-friendly event is free.

Festivities include educational booths sharing waystation creation tips and knowledge about the Texas landscape and its inhabitants. In addition, creativity booths will feature monarch-themed crafts and activities.

Additional parking is available at the Lick Creek equestrian entrance off Rock Prairie Road. For more information, visit cstx.gov/LickCreek or call 979-764-6216.

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Recreation Supervisor Brooke Littlefield is in her fourth year with the Parks and Recreation Department. A College Station native, she earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Texas A&M in 2017.

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