Keep cool at city pools while reaping the benefits of our summer aqua fitness classes

By Kelli Nesbitt, Parks & Recreation Marketing Coordinator

The City of College Station’s swimming pools aren’t just for cooling down kids on smoldering summer days — they also help adults meet their weekly personal fitness goals.

Are you eager to build your stamina, strength, and flexibility in a cool, relaxing atmosphere?

The Parks & Recreation Department offers aqua fitness classes for people ages 15 and up at Cindy Hallaran Pool. Classes begin June 1 and run through Aug. 16, and the sessions move to Adamson Lagoon in mid-August.

Here’s the schedule:

Classes provide enjoyable and effective exercises to increase cardiopulmonary capacity, strength, and flexibility. The course is designed for those who are physically fit, prenatal, postnatal, post-operative, arthritic, or have muscle injuries. Sedentary individuals can also benefit.

Mon.-Fri. • June 1-Aug. 12 • 9-10 a.m. • Cindy Hallaran Pool
Mon., Wed. & Fri. • Aug. 15-Sept. 30 • 9-10 a.m. • Adamson Lagoon 

Take your fitness to the next level with a vigorous workout that brings intensity without the impact. It includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT), steady-state cardio, and resistance exercises.

Tue. • May 31-Aug. 9 • 7:30-8:30 a.m. • Cindy Hallaran Pool

Relish in the challenge of water resistance at Aqua Bootcamp. Adults benefit from a high-intensity interval workout that uses resistance equipment for an additional challenge. It combines strength training and aerobic conditioning with water resistance to give you an incredible overall body workout.

Thu. • June 2-Aug. 11 • 7:30-8:30 a.m. • Cindy Hallaran Pool

Aqua Fitness Passes

It all starts with getting an Aqua Fitness pass. If you want to sample a class, you can get a single-session drop-in pass for $3. Then, once you’re hooked, you can get an unlimited pass for $100. Passes are available online, by phone at 979-764-3486, or at our Central Park office at 1000 Krenek Tap Road, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The classes are perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Previous swimming experience isn’t required, but you must feel comfortable in and around water. We provide the equipment but ask that you arrive ready to enter the pool. You should also bring drinking water and a towel.

For more information, call 979-764-3486 or email

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Kelli Nesbitt has served the Parks & Recreation Department for 17 years, the last nine as marketing coordinator. A native of Bryan, Kelli earned a bachelor’s degree in health & kinesiology from Sam Houston State.

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