How you can get involved with two small area planning efforts in College Station this winter 

By Matthew Ellis and Naomi Sing, Staff Planners 

The City of College Station is launching two small area planning efforts – the Texas Avenue & University Drive Redevelopment Plan and the Wellborn District Plan Update – starting In December and continuing into next year. The city’s Comprehensive Plan identifies both as priority planning areas.

Small-area planning allows residents, staff, and city leaders to examine the existing conditions, trends, and development pressures in specific areas. Effective planning ensures that future development occurs where, when, and how the community needs and desires. Participating in a small area plan allows residents to learn about what goes into a planning effort and voice their questions and opinions about their community’s future.

The collective input of everyone involved is compiled, evaluated for feasibility, prioritized, and put into the context of the city’s goals that live within the Comprehensive Plan.

The city wants to hear from you! Small area planning creates a valuable way for residents to voice opinions and visions for their community. To share your thoughts – and hear the voices of fellow residents – we encourage your participation.

Joining our email list is the easiest way to stay updated about meetings and opportunities to provide input. You can also join either plan’s Working Group to help guide their direction and act on behalf of the community. The deadline to apply is Oct. 28.

Texas & University Redevelopment Plan 

The Texas Avenue & University Drive (FM 60) Redevelopment Area will engage property owners and interested residents to imagine the area with a new distinct identity that welcomes visitors and residents, incorporates vertical and horizontal mixed-uses, and supports existing commercial uses. It will also provide an excellent mix of housing options to support the growing population seeking to live, work, and play near the Texas A&M campus.

The effort will envision changes that better serve the two major thoroughfares that intersect in the redevelopment area and will complement the nearby hospitality corridor, Eastgate area, and university campus.

The official kickoff meeting is at College Station City Hall on Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. Learn more at

Wellborn District Plan Update 

The Wellborn area has experienced changed conditions in recent years and is facing continued development pressures. As a result, the city is launching an update to the Wellborn Community Plan, which was written to reflect expected changes from 2013-23. The update – rebranded as the Wellborn District Plan – aims to create a cohesive district that reflects the residents’ vision for the community, recognizes Wellborn’s unique character, and supports College Station’s overall vision.  

The effort will include active participation from residents in or adjacent to Wellborn to guide staff in the plan’s creation. The official kickoff meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 24 at Wellborn Middle School. For more information, go to

About the Bloggers

Long Range Staff Planner Matthew Ellis has been working for the city since finishing his master’s degree in urban planning at Texas A&M in May. He previously served as the city’s long range planning intern and as a GIS technician. A native of Spokane Valley, Wash., he earned a bachelor’s degree in community, environment, and planning from the University of Washington in 2020.
Long Range Staff Planner Naomi Sing is in her first year with the city after earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in urban planning from Texas A&M.

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