Common-sense reminders to help you experience a safe and secure Thanksgiving holiday

By Grace Hallowell, Marketing Coordinator

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate family, friends – and tons of tasty food! But Thanksgiving can also create preventable hazards quicker than your leftovers can get cold.

We offer these common-sense reminders to ensure a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Don’t leave food unattended as it’s cooking: Keep a watchful eye on the feast you’re preparing to avoid fiery mishaps. Likewise, keep children and pets away from your hot oven to prevent burns.

Fry your turkey outside and away from your home: If a deep-fried turkey is your Thanksgiving dish of choice, prepare it outdoors at a safe distance. For example, don’t fry your turkey in a garage or on a porch, don’t overfill the fryer with oil, and keep a constant eye on the bird while it’s cooking.

Properly dispose of food waste: If you improperly dispose of fats, oils, grease (FOG), and flushable and non-flushable paper products, you can contribute to “fatbergs” that block our sewer system. The blockages are worse in the winter since cooler weather makes it easier for the FOG to solidify.

It’s also a good practice to scrape food scraps into the garbage instead of down the drain and pour used cooking oil or grease into a can. Then, after it solidifies, place the sealed container in the trash.

Lock your doors when away from home: If you plan on leaving town, take proper precautions to discourage burglars from targeting your home. Effective measures include locking the doors and windows, using a timer to turn on outdoor lights at night, and letting a trusted neighbor know your travel plans.

May your hearts and stomachs be full this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Grace is in her first year as marketing coordinator for the city’s Public Communications department. A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Grace holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising Communications.

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