Back by popular demand, here are the most popular local baby names (and our favorites) of 2022

By Colin Killian, Public Communications Director

A decade ago, we launched our initial blog post featuring local birth statistics and College Station’s most popular baby names. The annual review consistently ranks among our most-read posts – especially after we started listing our favorites.

After all, who doesn’t adore babies?

Unfortunately, our former baby-name connoisseur, Jay Socol, has moved his redoubtable talents across Texas Avenue to the big school. But never fear — the baby name tradition on the city blog lives on. 

As always, we sincerely thank our distinguished deputy local registrar, Yvette Dela Torre, who compiled the facts and figures.

Drum roll, please:

2022 Birth Stats

  • 3,856 births
  • 1,684 deliveries at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center (CS)
  • 2,158 deliveries at St. Joseph Health (CS)
  • 14 home births
  • 364, most births in a single month (December)
  • 294, fewest births in a single month (May)
  • 22, most births on a single day (Nov. 8, Dec. 2)

Most Popular GIRLS’ First Names

  • 21 – Evelynn
  • 20 – Camila
  • 18 – Ava

Most Popular GIRLS’ Middle Names

  • 77 – Grace
  • 73 – Rose
  • 60 – Marie

Noteworthy: Grace and Marie have been in the top three every year, and Rose has been in the mix for the last seven.

Most Popular BOYS’ First Names

  • 20 – Noah
  • 18 – Daniel & Liam
  • 15 – Benjamin

Most Popular BOYS’ Middle Names

  • 58 – James
  • 46 – Lee
  • 38 – Wayne

Noteworthy: James has been the top middle name every year we’ve blogged about it. Lee has been the runner-up for the last five.

Annual Births

Here are the annual numbers since 2014. Remember, St. Joseph Health stopped delivering babies in Bryan in 2020, so most local births now occur in College Station hospitals. That’s why the numbers for 2021 and 2022 are significantly higher.

20132,1591,0661,09336 sets 
20142,4601,2641,19630 sets1 set
20152,4941,2451,24950 sets 
20162,3071,2061,16444 sets 
20172,3981,1681,23048 sets1 set
20182,0169701,04627 sets 
20191,55677278422 sets 
20201,64084080021 sets 
20213,6531,8221,83143 sets1 set
20223,8561,9321,92442 sets 
Note: Babies born at home are only included in the total births column.

Favorite Names of 2022

Last but certainly not least, the Public Communications staff thumbed through the entire list to determine our 10 favorite first and middle name combinations from 2022:


  • Honesty Dream
  • Magnolia Truth
  • Radiance Justice
  • Tarah Paige
  • Bravely Noel
  • Tru Serenity Mi-Heir
  • Baby Girl (no middle name)
  • Juniper Bo
  • Story Love
  • Wrynlee Rain

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Skye, InaRaleigh Charlie, Pepper Joe, Violet Symphony, Rainey Song, Autumn Serenity, Legacy De’Arr, Cheznee Jean, Memphis Sage, Journeigh Janette, La’Heaven Kaye Faith, Royalti Dior, Galilea Ninive, Persephone UnDomiel, Tilly Love, Berkeley Reign, Red’Leigh Kerin, Lillie Sunshine, Airlynn Sky, Italia Grecia, Saylor Arrow, Remington Rayne, Winter Sen.


  • Legacy Chosen Sincere
  • Mozzy Foreign
  • Cali Dream
  • Dodger John
  • Sincere Kashmere
  • Poppy Ray
  • John Wayne
  • Romeo Royce
  • Atticus Alden
  • Rowdy Randermann

Honorable Mention: Josiah Chosen, Raiden Axten, Rhythm Ritesh, Jagger Nash, Cinch Ryder, Thiago Alexis, Iker Axel, Riggins Joe, Jream River, Kratos Despereaux, Malachi Adonis, Princeton Ja’Mahl.

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