What’s Up? Video: The city’s supervised after-school program and other LRC activities

By The Public Communications Office

In this episode of “What’s Up, College Station?” Marketing Coordinator Grace Hallowell and Lincoln Recreation Center Supervisor Cheletia Johnson discuss details of the city’s supervised after-school program and other LRC activities.


Grace Hallowell: What’s up College Station? I’m Grace Hallowell and today I’m joined again with Ms. Cheletia Johnson from our Lincoln Recreation Center. Hi, Cheletia.

Cheletia Johnson: Hello.

How are you?

Grace Hallowell: I’m doing well.

Cheletia Johnson: Good.

Grace Hallowell: We are in the dead of summer now.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: It’s hot.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: It’s kind of miserable, but before you know it, back to school is going to be here.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: So once the kids get back to school, something to keep in mind is what are they going to do after school when the parents are still at work? And we have an option for that.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes, we do. The Lincoln Center provides affordable after school care for ages 6 to 15 years old. We are there from 3- 6 p.m. We offer a range of activities from sports and fitness, to character building, to social recreation. We also have Texas A&M students that provide homework and tutorial assistance with a program called Reads and Counts.

Grace Hallowell: Wow. That’s a great option.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: Especially for parents that may struggle to pick up their kids at the end of the day before work is done and don’t want them to be at home alone.

Cheletia Johnson: That’s correct.

Grace Hallowell: Or don’t have the childcare in their home.

Cheletia Johnson: Right.

Grace Hallowell: We have a lot of good staff that can hang out with your kids.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes. Yes. And that’s the one amazing thing about our after-school program is that it is supervised. The kids are safe, they’re there to have fun, and we also provide snacks.  And again, it’s all at affordable cost. We do pick up from some of the schools in College Station, but just make sure that you call to make sure it is one of the schools that we pick up from. Seating is limited, so if this is something of interest to you, please come in to complete the paperwork. If it’s one of the schools that we do not pick up from, the parents are more than welcome to call College Station ISD Transportation to see if they can pay for the kid to be dropped off at the center.

Grace Hallowell: Yes. And that is a good point. Registration is open now.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: But the spots are very limited.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: So, sign up as soon as you can. How long has this program been going on?

Cheletia Johnson: Oh, let me see how long I’ve been at the Lincoln Center. No, the afterschool program been going on probably since the early ’90s.

Grace Hallowell: Yeah.

Cheletia Johnson: Probably as early as 1990. Even before then that we were doing afterschool care. But it was more of a neighborhood type situation where the kids could just walk over to the Lincoln Center. And back then we did not have the transportation. We had one van back in the day, but now we have access to four different vans to be able to pick up the kids from five elementary schools, three intermediate school, and ILT. Not the high school, but ILT off of Graham Road.

Grace Hallowell: And yeah, it’s a very important program, especially for kids just to socialize a little more. I mean they do get that at school, but you’re doing work.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: It’s a little stressful. So just to have that time to unwind, make some friends, do your homework, but also have a little snack. Play some sports.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes. Yes. And it’s given them the time, like you said, to unwind.

Grace Hallowell: Yes.

Cheletia Johnson: And engage in something new and to explore other things. If you’re into science, or computers, we are trying to offer more to open the minds of the kids.  A fun place so you can still learn, but also have fun.

Grace Hallowell: Yes.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes.

Grace Hallowell: All right, well what else can you share? What else is going on at the Lincoln Center?

Cheletia Johnson: Oh, it’s fall. Well summer but getting ready to go into our fall activities. And so, we will have a lot of great activities for the fall, but people need to just go to the website just to see what Lincoln Center is doing. And our department, we are excited about the different activities. Our seniors are rocking and rolling. I love the seniors and all the programs that our department offers. The pools are going really well. Take advantage of it. All the splash pads are open. It’s hot but come cool off in the splash pad. No pets allowed in the splash pads. But it’s just, it’s a lot going on with our department and so we are thankful that we are able to be as busy as we are. So, I’m happy about it.

Grace Hallowell: So where can people find out more?

Cheletia Johnson: They can always go to the website, cstx.gov/LincolnCenter and they can stop by a facility to take a tour. We’ll be more than happy to take you on a tour. They’re more than welcome to call. Information is accessible on all of the City of College Station social media outlets. Again, just feel free to stop by and check it out. We’ll be happy to give you a tour.

Grace Hallowell: All right. Well, thank you so much for joining me today.

Cheletia Johnson: Yes. Thank you for offering the invitation for me to come.

Grace Hallowell: Yes. And that’s what’s up.  

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