This week’s Rev Up The Arts Mural Festival turns our community into a vibrant canvas

By Bobbie Lehrmann, Assistant Director Public Communications

This week, College Station undergoes a stunning metamorphosis as artistic brilliance washes over our community.

The Arts Council of Brazos Valley’s Rev up the Arts Aggieland Mural Festival – presented by the City of College Station – is happening through Saturday at locations across town. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring week of fresh energy and inspiration that turns College Station into a vibrant canvas filled with color and expression.

The spectacular festival is a week-long ode to the local art world as seemingly ordinary walls spring to life with breathtaking murals. Talented artists – local and from afar – will channel their creative genius to transform businesses, public spaces, and tucked-away corners into spellbinding, open-air works of art that beckon your attention.

Let’s take a closer look at the artists and where they’ll weave their dazzling magic:

  • Candy Kuo – The Yard at Caprock Crossing

Candy Kuo, a professional artist with a unique and mesmerizing style, will turn the blank canvas at The Yard at Caprock Crossing into a captivating outdoor art oasis.

  • Remix Uno – La Quinta

Remix Uno, known for his innovative flair, will breathe new life into La Quinta. His creation will infuse the surroundings with dynamism, offering a contemporary twist to our visual landscape.

  • Key Detail – The Arts Council

The Arts Council’s own Key Detail is a beacon of artistic brilliance. His work at The Arts Council promises to be a showstopper, adding an air of sophistication and elegance to the cultural hub.

  • Naomi Haverland – University Flowers

Naomi Haverland’s artistic vision will bloom at University Flowers, where her work will reflect the vibrancy and beauty of the floral world, harmonizing seamlessly with the establishment’s charm.

  • Mouf – Texas Aggieland Bookstore

Mouf, a graffiti artist known for his distinctive style, will redefine the aesthetic of the Texas Aggieland Bookstore. His work will testify to the enchanting fusion of literature and street art.

The Rev Up the Arts Aggieland Mural Festival is an extraordinary event that will captivate your heart, whether you’re a passionate art lover or just looking to brighten your day.

For more information about the festival, visit the Arts Council of Brazos Valley.

About the Blogger

Bobbie Lehrmann is in her first year as the city’s assistant director of public communications. She comes to College Station from the City of Navasota, where she served as marketing and communications director. Lehrmann lived most of her life in Australia and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media communications from Queensland University of Technology.

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