Interactive map identifies locations with different occupancy restrictions in College Station

By Michael Ostrowski, Director of Planning & Development Services

In College Station, the occupancy of a typical dwelling unit is limited to no more than four unrelated people. However, the city has adopted two overlay zoning districts that modify this restriction: the Restricted Occupancy Overlay (ROO) and the High Occupancy Overlay (HOO).

  • The ROO restricts occupancy of a dwelling unit to no more than two unrelated people.
  • The HOO allows for a Shared Housing use and occupancy by more than four unrelated residents.

The city’s new Occupancy Difference Map helps users understand where the various occupancy restrictions exist. For properties with approved Shared Housing use, users can click on the map point to find out when it was approved, the authorized number of bedrooms, and the minimum required parking spaces.

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Michael Ostrowski has served as director of Planning and Development Services since 2020 after one year as the assistant director in San Marcos. He previously worked as a professional planner for several years in Wisconsin. A certified planner and economic developer, Ostrowski earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, political science, and public administration from Wisconsin-Stevens Point and master’s in public administration and urban planning from Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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