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Revamped after-school program set for this fall

By Ana Romero, Recreation Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has led after-school programs across the nation to be reimagined and restructured to safely provide the same high-quality, engaging programs that have been so popular. As parents return to work this fall, the Lincoln Recreation Center’s after-school programs will continue to offer essential support services for families in these uncertain times. (more…)

Our after-school programs offer activities, responsible supervision

By Kelli Nesbitt, Parks & Recreation Marketing Coordinator

6261843642_834254905f_oAs parents, caregivers and students across the Brazos Valley gear up to start a new school year, they should also consider enrolling in the City of College Station’s after-school programs.

High-quality after-school programs help keep kids safe, inspire them to learn and serve as a source of support and comfort to working families.

According to the Afterschool Alliance, the number of kids unsupervised after 3 p.m. has declined, but 20 percent still don’t have someone to care for them after school. In many cases, cost and a lack of transportation keep families from enrolling in a program.

Infographic: America After 3 p.m. (more…)

Southwood Center: One of CS’s Best-Kept Secrets

Here’s a typical conversation I have just about every day:

“Kelly, where do you work?”

“I work at Southwood Community Center.”

“What’s that? Isn’t that a place for kids?”

Yes, it is a youth center, but it’s also a senior center and a rental facility.  Southwood has so much to offer that it’s quickly losing its status as one of College Station’s best-kept secrets.