Neeley: City Reorganization Will Save $1.5 Million

City Manager David Neeley sent the following email to city employees this morning:

To all City of College Station employees:

As you know, our city organization has faced serious budget challenges in recent years, and we have responded with significant reductions. Over the last three years, more than $5.3 million were cut from the city’s operations and maintenance budget, which allowed us to avoid layoffs. Despite those efforts, this year it’s necessary to take some highly regrettable but unavoidable measures as part of a broader reorganization. Specifically, I’m reducing the size of our city staff by eliminating 27 full and part-time positions, including 11 that are currently filled, 13 that are vacant, and three that will be eliminated through either retirement or accepting new positions.

These decisions do not reflect the job performance of the affected individuals and I genuinely appreciate and respect their dedicated service. Our hard-working employees are our very foundation, and this difficult action is taken only as a last resort after an exhaustive review of our entire organization. It is one of the saddest and most painful decisions of my professional career, but I firmly believe it is the right decision for our long-term fiscal health.

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