Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (July 27)

Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (July 27)

Back (L-R): Linda Harvell, Jerome Rektorik, James Benham, Barry Moore. Front (L-R): Blanche Brick, Mayor Karl Mooney, Julie Schultz.

By Colin Killian, Public Communications Manager

Welcome to our live blog from the College Station City Council’s workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, July 27. It’s not the official minutes.

The meeting is being broadcast live on Suddenlink Channels 19 and 119 (HD) and online. An archive of previous council meetings is available on the website.               

6:05 p.m.

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City secretaries are the hub of local government


Did you know the municipal clerk’s position is among the oldest in local government, dating back to biblical times?

The modern Hebrew translation of town clerk is “mazkir ha’ir,” which means “reminder.” Early archive keepers were often called “remembrancers” and before writing became common, their memories served as the public record.

Be thankful we have technology and you don’t have to rely upon my memory!

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What Happens if You Run for City Council – and Win?

While recent primaries and the upcoming presidential election have been the focus of the nation’s attention, the City of College Station has been gearing up for its own election with places 4 and 6 on the city council at stake in November.

Why do people run for political office, particularly at the local level? In College Station, our council members devote many long hours to fulfill their responsibilities — and aren’t paid a dime. Among the many reasons they do it is the opportunity to serve their community or to bring about change. Before they can serve, they must be willing to endure a campaign that takes a lot of time, energy and money.

But what happens after they’re elected? 

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Principle of Lagniappe defines City’s Secretary’s Office

Several weeks ago, a panic-stricken young woman rushed into the City’s Secretary’s Office at city hall and demanded her birth certificate. Not next week, not tomorrow, not even later that day. She needed it NOW.

Deputy Local Registrar Faye Scott calmed the frantic visitor, but soon determined that the birth certificate wasn’t filed in our office. As the young woman again started to panic, Faye quickly researched where the certificate was located, and within minutes, provided the contact information. Faye also gave her additional information she needed about the Social Security Office. The relieved young woman promptly departed to complete her mission.

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