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Mooney: Benefits of Blinn campus outweigh concerns

Blinn-Logo-Featured[1]If Blinn College decides to make the Lynntech property its second campus in Bryan-College Station, it would directly impact my family and many others who live in nearby neighborhoods.

However, I’m confident my family, property values, safety and comfort won’t be compromised.

I live in Emerald Forest and once resided in the Raintree subdivision. My west property line runs along Appomattox and from my home, I can see the Lynntech building. As director of academic advising at Texas A&M, I also work with students and staff from A&M and Blinn who participate in Blinn TEAM, the co-enrollment program.

Would a Blinn campus bring changes to the area?

Absolutely. But the changes wouldn’t necessarily be as disruptive as some residents seem to believe.

What about traffic? (more…)