Council Regular Meeting Update (Oct. 27) — Comprehensive Plan Thoroughfare Amendment

After a public hearing, the council unanimously approved an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Plan that amends the Thoroughfare Plan for the following thoroughfares:

  • Removal of Raintree Drive extension to North Forest Drive
  • Extension of Birkdale Drive from Lakeway Drive to SH 6 Frontage Road
  • Extension of Corsair Circle to Emerald Parkway
  • Increase in lanes from two lanes to three lanes to Deacon Drive from Wellborn Road to Holleman South
  • Reduction in lanes from four lanes to three lanes to Dartmouth Drive from Harvey Mitchell Parkway to Texas Avenue
  • Reduction in lanes from six lanes to four lanes to FM 60 from SH 6 to FM 158
  • Removal of an on-grade railroad crossing at Southwest Parkway and Wellborn Road and at Union Pacific Railroad, and terminate Southwest Parkway at Wellborn Road

The amendments are housekeeping-type items for Raintree Drive, Birkdale Drive and Corsair Circle. They were part of the previous Thoroughfare Plan and were incorrectly represented in the 2009 Thoroughfare Plan adoption. With Deacon Drive, Dartmouth Drive, FM 60 and the on-grade railroad crossing at Southwest Parkway and Wellborn Road, specific studies were undertaken and completed to insure impacts were minimal and manageable to the city’s transportation network.

For more detailed information on each of these thoroughfares, go to pages 130-155 of the council’s regular meeting packet.

Here’s the Powerpoint presentation received by the council:

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