Council Regular Meeting Update (Oct. 27) — Food Establishments

The council unanimously approved an amendment to the Health and Sanitation chapter of the city’s Code of Ordinances regarding food establishments. The new ordinance will meet Food and Drug Administration requirements for National Standardization, which is designed to promote uniformity of rules, inspections and the prevention of food-borne illness.

Inspection frequency will be based on risk factors and compliance history. A procedure for conducting hearings is outlined, as well as other language changes to reflect the intent of the Food and Drug Administration Food Code. This includes the removal of outdated policies and current Board of Health policies are added, including:

  1. Requirement of posting of the most current scored inspection.
  2. Updates the correction of violations policy.
  3. Food Protection Manager registration with the Brazos County Health Department is removed.
  4. Changes permit renewal dates from Feb. 1 to Jan. 7.

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