City Council Preview (June 28)

Here’s a quick look at some of the items the College Station City Council will be discussing at its workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, June 28. This blog is not the complete and official agenda.

The workshop and regular meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online. Previous council meetings are archived on the website. A detailed live blog from the meetings will be posted on this site and also can be accessed through the city’s Facebook page.

Workshop Meeting (6 p.m.)

Brazos Animal Shelter Annual Report

The council will receive a report from the Brazos Animal Shelter regarding its activities in the current fiscal year. The city pays the shelter annual fees of $169,513.

Community Development Action Plan and Budget

The council will review the proposed Community Development FY 2013 Action Plan and Budget. The city is required to submit an annual plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that describes projects and activities to be funded with community development grants.

New grants available include $978,155 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and $408,875 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds.  The budget includes previously programmed but unspent grant funds of $1,246,592 in CDBG and $1,992,519 in HOME. Historically, the city has used these funds for a variety of programs and activities, including affordable housing programs, funding of direct services to low-income families, and park, street, infrastructure and public facility improvement in low-income areas.

Regular Meeting (7 p.m.)

Consent Agenda

This is not a complete list of consent agenda items. Refer to the regular meeting agenda for a list of all the consent items.

Fire Station Alerting System

The council will consider a $515,220.23 contract with Westnet Inc. for the upgrading of the emergency alerting system in all six fire stations. A Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters program grant will pay $210,168 of the costs. The new equipment will allow fire and emergency medical personnel to improve response times and will help the stations meet new standards for firefighter health and safety.  

Water Transfer Agreement with Wellborn SUD

The council will consider an agreement for the Wellborn Special Utility District to transfer water through the College Station water system. The Wellborn SUD has a water well with excess capacity in northern Brazos County and needs the water moved to the southern part of the county. The Wellborn SUD plans to build a pipeline but needs an interim solution. The proposed agreement would be for a maximum of five years, and the Wellborn SUD has agreed to pay 69 percent of the commercial water rate, which will allow College Station to recoup its operational costs and part of its capital costs.

The Wellborn SUD serves College Station residents in such neighborhoods as Williams Creek, Sweetwater Forest, Creek Meadows, Wellborn Oaks, Great Oaks and many others.  The agreement would benefit these College Station residents while providing the city with another back-up emergency water supply. 

Time Extension for Water Service Near Greens Prairie and Arrington Road

The council will consider an agreement with the Wellborn SUD to provide water service to about 1,100 acres south of Greens Prairie Road and west of Arrington Road. The city reached an agreement with the Wellborn SUD two years ago to provide water service to areas annexed in 2002.  A time limit of five years was established to extend water lines to the area, but since development has slowed, the city requested an extension to 2020. The Wellborn SUD approved the request earlier this month.

Water Service to Property Near Hwys. 47 and 60

The council will consider an agreement for the Wellborn SUD to provide temporary water service to a 37-acre property just north of Highway 60 and west of Highway 47.  One third of the property is located in the Wellborn SUD service area, and the other two thirds are in the College Station service area. The owners want to settle the question of water service providers to make the property more marketable.

College Station does not have any water lines in the area and is unlikely to extend any until significant development occurs. The cost to extend a 12-inch water line to the area would be around $375,000. Until major development happens, the Wellborn SUD has agreed to provide service to the entire property.

Regular Agenda

Rezoning at 2041 Holleman Drive and 1451 Harvey Mitchell Parkway

The council will consider rezoning about 0.7 acres for multi-family development and about 0.85 acres for commercial development at 2041 Holleman Drive West and 1451 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, generally located at the corner of Holleman Drive West and Harvey Mitchell Parkway South.

Drainage Master Plan

The council will consider a $482,032 contract with Freese and Nichols, Inc. for the Drainage Master Plan, which will identify and prioritize drainage issues.

Board & Commission Appointments

The council will discuss board and commission appointments that it will consider in July. The city has received 43 applications to fill 29 positions.