City Council Meeting Review (June 28)

Here’s a quick overview of what the College Station City Council discussed and decided at its workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, June 28. This blog is not the official minutes. Video replays of both meetings can be accessed at

Workshop Meeting

Brazos Animal Shelter Report

The Brazos Animal Shelter reported on its recent activities, which include rebranding itself as the Aggieland Humane Society and completing the move to its new Leonard Road location. The city pays the shelter $169,513 annually.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:


Community Development Action Plan and Budget

The council reviewed the proposed Community Development FY 2013 Action Plan and Budget, which is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for projects and activities funded with community development grants. New grants include $978,155 in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and $408,875 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds. The budget, which includes previously programmed but unspent grant funds, is $1,246,592 in CDBG funds and $1,992,519 in HOME funds.

Historically, the city has used these funds for a variety of programs and activities, including affordable housing programs, funding of direct services to low-income families, and park, street, infrastructure and public facility improvement in low-income areas. The city has received more than $32 million in CDBG funds since 1975 and more than $12 million in HOME funds since 1992. Since 1979, the programs have helped meet the housing needs of 1,221 families.

Here’s the PowerPoint Presentation received by the council:

Regular Meeting

The council unanimously approved an absence request from councilmember Katy-Marie Lyles.

Consent Agenda

The council unanimously approved these consent items:

  • A resolution to improve the efficiency of contract administration procedures.
  • A contract for $515,220 with WestNet Inc., to upgrade of the Fire Station Alerting System in all six city fire stations.
  • A supplement of $14,500 to the contract with EnRoute Emergency Systems to purchase a software interface between EnRoute’s CAD system and the WestNet First-In alerting system.
  • An agreement for the Wellborn Special Utility District to transfer its water through the College Station water system.
  • An amendment to an agreement with the Wellborn Special Utility District to provide water service to about 1,100 acres south of Greens Prairie Road and west of Arrington Road.
  • An agreement for the Wellborn Special Utility District to provide temporary water service to a 37-acre property just north of Highway 60 and west of Highway 47.

Regular Agenda        

Abandonments at 100 Meadowland St.

The council unanimously approved these abandonments at 100 Meadowland St. between Hensel Street and University Drive:

  • 0.2-acre portion of right-of-way
  • 0.34-acre public access easement
  • 484½-square foot public utility easement
  • 7,177-square foot public utility easement
  • 0.59-acre public utility easement
  • 3,456-square foot public utility easement

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

Rezoning at Holleman and Harvey Mitchell

The council unanimously approved the rezoning of about 0.7 acres for multi-family development and about 0.85 acres for commercial development at 2041 Holleman Dr. West and 1451 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy. South, generally located at the corner of Holleman Drive West and Harvey Mitchell Parkway South.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

Drainage Master Plan

The council unanimously approved a $482,032 contract with Freese and Nichols, Inc. for the Drainage Master Plan, which will identify and prioritize drainage issues.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

Board & Commission Appointments

The council was updated on applications that have been received for board and commission appointments that will be considered in July. The city has received 51 applications to fill 29 positions on nine boards.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation received by the council: