City Council Preview (July 12)

Here’s a quick look at some of the items the College Station City Council will be discussing at its workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, July 12. This blog is not the complete and official agenda.

The workshop and regular meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink Ch. 19, or online. Previous council meetings are archived on the website. A detailed live blog from the meetings will be posted on this site and can also be accessed through the city’s Facebook page.

Workshop Meeting (6 p.m.)

Private Landfill Public Meeting Update

The council will receive an update on a public meeting set for July 19 about a proposed permit for a private landfill within College Station’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The applicant and representatives from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will attend the public meeting at 7 p.m. at the Brazos County Expo Complex.

The Brazos Valley Disposal Facility would be located about 1,300 feet northwest of the intersection of Stewarts Meadow and the Raymond Stotzer Parkway. The facility would have a permitted 42-acre footprint and would be about 112 feet high at full build out. The landfill could hold about 4.2 million cubic yards of material and could accept up to 800 tons of construction and demolition wastes each day.

Keep Brazos Beautiful Report

The council will hear a report from Keep Brazos Beautiful about its recent activities. The city provides $50,240 in annual funding to the organization.

Regular Meeting (7 p.m.)

Consent Agenda

This is not a complete list of consent agenda items. Refer to the regular meeting agenda for a list of all the consent items.

Barron Road and Victoria Avenue School Speed Zones

The council will consider the addition of a 25-mph school zone on Barron Road and Victoria Avenue near the new College Station High School. The zone will extend along Barron Road in front of the school, and run north and south from the intersection with Victoria Avenue. The zones will provide safer conditions near the school.

Three-way Stop at Southern Plantation and Newport

The council will consider changing the traffic control at the intersection of Southern Plantation and Newport from a one-way to a three-way stop. The curve of the roadway and a privacy fence along the north side of Southern Plantation creates a safety issue for motorists on Newport, who can’t see the eastbound traffic.

Contract with BTU for Transmission Operations

The council will consider extending a contract with Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) until July 31 for the temporary operation of College Station’s electric transmission system at a cost of $5,000. Due to staff turnover, College Station does not have the required number of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) certified system operators. BTU began operating the College Station Utilities transmission system on Sept. 1. The original contract was for $50,000. On July 26, the council will consider a new agreement that could run until July 31, 2013.

Governor’s Criminal Justice Division Grant

The council will consider the College Station Police Department’s application and acceptance of an Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division (CJD) Grant. The CJD creates and supports programs to protect people from crime, reduce the number of crimes committed, and to promote accountability, efficiency and effectiveness within the criminal justice system.

The grant would provide funding for an all-terrain vehicle to be used in the Northgate Entertainment District and at other special events. The new vehicle would provide officers with better mobility through dense crowds along with the ability to travel quickly across large areas.  The grant would also provide funding for additional digital cameras for patrol officers to gather evidence. The CSPD would be responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement of the ATV and cameras.

Fire Protection at Easterwood Airport

The council will consider a three-year interlocal agreement with Texas A&M University to provide fire protection for Easterwood Airport. The city will receive $196,200 annually for providing the service.

Wolf Pen Creek Festival Area Contract

The council will consider a contract for $899,122 with Kieschnick General Contractors for the construction of the Wolf Pen Creek Festival Area project, which includes a lighted concrete trail with power and water hookups, and additional concrete parking. The proposed improvements will be constructed behind the Arts Building on Dartmouth Drive. At total of $556,147.46 has been spent from the Wolf Pen Creek TIF fund, leaving a balance of $1,289,844.51 for construction and remaining expenditures.

Regular Agenda

Charter Amendment Public Hearing

The council will conduct the first of two public hearings about proposed amendments to the city charter. The council received the final report from the Citizen’s Charter Review Advisory Commission in June. The final public hearing will be at the July 26 council meeting.

Rezoning at 950 Fitch Pkwy.

The council will consider rezoning about 1.2 acres at 950 William D. Fitch Parkway, located near the corner of Fitch and State Highway 6, to allow for commercial development.

Rezoning for 4080 State Hwy. 6

The council will consider rezoning about 7.6 acres at 4080 State Hwy. 6, located south of SecurCare Self Storage, to allow for commercial development.

Conditional Use Permit for 1915 Dartmouth St.

The council will consider a conditional use permit for the 4.06-acre property at 1915 Dartmouth St., which is located within the Wolf Pen Creek District, to allow for a multi-family residential development on the ground floor.

Northgate Design Standards and Churches

The council will consider amending the city’s Unified Development Ordinance to exempt churches in the Northgate area from certain design standards. This would allow them to expand, alter and relocate their structures, as well as construct new structures, without incorporating residential uses into the structure or being subject to the minimum floor-to-area ratio.

Discharges into the Stormwater System

The council will consider an amendment to the city’s Unified Development Ordinance to regulate discharges into the stormwater system. The amendment would satisfy a state mandate to regulate and enforce discharges into the stormwater system. 

Sale of City Property on Harvey Mitchell Parkway

The council will consider a contract to sell 2.417 acres of city-owned property on North Harvey Mitchell Parkway for $211,000. The city bought the property for $28,984 in 1980 as a water pump station site that never materialized. The Brazos County Appraisal District lists the market value at $210,570. In 2011, the council directed staff to sell city-owned properties that no longer serve a public purpose.

Board & Commission Appointments

The council will consider making appointments to these boards and commissions:

  • B/CS Library Committee
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian & Greenways Advisory Board
  • Construction Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Board 
  • Historic Preservation Committee 
  • Landmark Commission
  • Parks & Recreation Board 
  • Planning & Zoning Commission 
  • Zoning Board of Adjustments 

New appointees will take their oaths of office in August.

RVP Board Appointment

The council will consider a three-year citizen appointment to the Research Valley Partnership Board of Directors to replace one of College Station’s three appointees. Other College Station representatives on the board are Mayor Nancy Berry and Council Member Julie Schultz. City Manager David Neeley serves in non-voting capacity.

CEOC Board Appointment

The council will consider appointing a council member to the Community Emergency Operations Center Policy Advisory Board.

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