Northgate reaps the rewards of visionary planning

The bustling Northgate District is one of many examples where the city worked closely with the community, defined where we wanted to go, then planned and worked together to get there. With October being National Community Planning Month, it’s appropriate to recognize the significance that planning has played in the development of our thriving city.

Planning is the process of envisioning, mapping or otherwise conceiving how a community will look, grow and define its character, attributes and identity. Northgate is an ideal model of a successful planning process.

Several years ago, the City of College Station and Northgate stakeholders began the planning process for this unique entertainment destination. The plan called for an urban area that supported high-density, mixed-use developments, and it required changes to the development code to create new zoning districts. Those changes enabled development to conform to the vision that emerged from the collective planning process.  

With a clear plan in place, the city began investing in the necessary infrastructure and repairs. Tens of millions of dollars were invested in street rehabilitation projects, water lines, sewer lines and public parking enhancements. The city also partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation to improve pedestrian safety in key locations.

Those investments have started to pay big dividends.

In recent months, the city has issued construction permits for several new mixed-use developments that will provide housing for thousands of residents along with non-residential space. The new development advances the vision for the Northgate District, increases property values, and in some cases has even eliminated blighted conditions.

The positive benefits of visionary planning are evident and will become even more important as College Station continues to grow and prosper.

Lance Simms
Lance Simms
Assistant Director

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