How students can survive and thrive in College Station

Moving to a new town to continue your education at a major university — and everything that comes along with that exciting journey — can be overwhelming. The last things on your mind right now are city ordinances, but not knowing basic ordinances could result in costly citations.  

As one of America’s top college towns, we want to help you avoid these simple mistakes so you can concentrate on more important things – like Aggie football! 

Aggie Up

The City of College Station strives to help new students and permanent residents establish and maintain good neighbor relations. That’s the purpose of Aggie Up, a cooperative campaign among Texas A&M and the cities of Bryan and College Station to bring programs and services together to give students the information they need to become fully integrated residents.

A common-sense tip is to introduce yourself to your neighbors and exchange contact information in case emergencies or potential problems arise. Wouldn’t it be better if they called you to address an issue and not the police?

Keep the noise down

No matter where you live, always be mindful of any loud noise coming from your home, including barking dogs and music. It’s unlawful for anyone to willfully make or allow continued loud noise, especially during the hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. You don’t want to face this situation:


If you can hear the noise at the end of your property line, then it’s too loud. If you are found in violation, everyone on your lease could receive a citation. Noise complaints can be reported to the College Station Police Department at 979.764.3600.

If you are an A&M student who has been charged with a noise violation, you may have the option to take a noise abatement class to clear your record. The class includes city codes, conflict management being a good neighbor, party planning skills, and seeing issues from another’s perspective. For more details, call 979.845.1741.

Other common violations

If you live off campus in a duplex, fourplex or house, here are some city ordinances you should know:

  • TrashTrash Cans: After your trash has been collected, you have 12 hours to remove your sanitation container from the street. Trash should be securely stored in the provided container until your scheduled pickup day, and the lid should be secured so the litter doesn’t spread.
  • Parking: Don’t park vehicles or motorcycles on the grass, and be sure not to block driveways, mailboxes or roadways.
  • Yards: Weeds and grass should not exceed 12 inches in height.
  • Open storage: Don’t store anything in your yard or patio that’s not intended for outdoor use. Firewood can be stored on the side or in the backyard.
  • Residential Occupancy: No more than four unrelated people can share a single-family residence.

For complete details on city codes, go to the city’s code enforcement webpage or call 979.764.6363.

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