Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (March 27)

gavel[1]This is a live blog from the College Station City Council’s workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, March 27. It’s not the official minutes.

Both meetings are being broadcast live on Suddenlink Channel 19 and can also be watched online. An archive of previous council meetings is available on the website.

6:08 p.m.

The workshop meeting has started.

6:19 p.m.

Consent Agenda Discussion

The council will vote on items listed on the consent agenda during tonight’s regular meeting. These items were pulled for workshop discussion:

  • Toni Court Parking Removal: The council discussed the possible removal of parking along the west side of Keefer Loop from Rock Prairie Road to Toni Court, and on the south side and cul-de-sac of Toni Court in the Buena Vida Subdivision. The changes were recommended primarily to allow easier access for emergency vehicles.
  • Stop Loss Policy for City’s Health Plan: The council discussed the renewal of the stop loss policy for the city’s self-funded health plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Stop loss coverage protects the city from specific large medical or prescription drug claims and from an aggregate amount of overall high claims. BlueCross Blue Shield has been the city’s stop loss vendor for almost a decade. This is the second renewal of the original contract from plan year 2012. The renewal includes no increase to the premium from last year. The 2014 plan year projected costs are based on a monthly average of 806 employees, retirees and COBRA participants on the plan.

6:27 p.m. 

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

By a 6-0 vote, the council accepted the  the city’s annual audit reports and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY13 as presented by Jimmy Ingram of Ingram, Wallis & Associates.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

6:45 p.m.

Aggressive Solicitation Ordinance

The council heard a presentation on possible regulations regarding door-to-door solicitation and law enforcement methods to address aggressive solicitation. The College Station Police Department responds to hundreds of complaints about solicitors each year from residents. The council will vote on an ordinance and amendments as part of tonight’s consent agenda.

Click here to read the blog about this item by Neighborhood Services Coordinator Barbara Moore.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

6:54 p.m.

After the council discussed its calendar, future agenda items and committee reports, the workshop meeting was adjourned. The regular meeting will start about 7 p.m.

7:09 p.m.

The regular meeting has started. Councilmember Julie Schultz is absent.

7:15 p.m.

Mayor Nancy Berry proclaimed today Heart Gallery of Central Texas Day. The gallery is an art exhibit and community education/outreach initiative featuring portraits of children who await adoption. Pictured below with Mayor Berry is Liana Lowey, executive director for Voices For Children.


7:20 p.m. 

Hear Visitors

Three people spoke during Hear Visitors, when citizens may address the council on any item that doesn’t appear on the posted agenda. All three spoke in support of the BCS Convention and Visitors Bureau‘s grant funding process.

 7:21 p.m.

Consent Agenda

By a 6-0 vote, the council approved the entire consent agenda:

  • A three-year contract for $1.8 million with McCord Engineering for electrical engineering services.
  • The second reading of an ordinance granting a non-exclusive natural gas franchise to Atmos Energy Corporation Mid-Tex Division.
  • An annual price agreement for about $1.07 million for electrical items and electric meters to be stored in inventory: Hill Country Electric ($66,685), Stuart C. Irby ($14,887.85), Wesco ($10,852.50), Texas Electric Cooperatives ($8,707.50), Trayer ($159,632), Beckwith Electric ($109,410), Techline ($508,658.25), KBS Electric Distributors ($46,710), and Priester-Mell & Nicholson ($148,787.68).
  • Annual contracts with Green Teams ($650,545) and Roots Landscaping ($17,500) for landscape maintenance and mowing of city sites.
  • Removed parking along parts of Toni Court and Keefer Loop in the Buena Vida Subdivision. This item was discussed in the workshop.
  • Renewed the stop-loss policy for the city’s self-funded health plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Estimated premiums are $570,648.
  • An administrative services agreement for $432,271 with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for medical, dental and prescription drug plans.
  • Approved projected expenditures of $93,000 for life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance for all benefit-eligible city employees.
  • Approved a new motor control center not to exceed $120,000 for high service pump No. 1 at the Dowling Road Pump Station.
  • Approved an ordinance regulating door-to-door home solicitation. This item was discussed in the workshop.

8:39 p.m.

Municipal Utility District No. 1

After a public hearing, the council voted 6-0 to grant conditional consent to create Brazos County Municipal Utility District No. 1 for about 553 acres located at 17529 State Highway 6 South, which includes the Texas World Speedway. The area is outside the city limits but within its extraterritorial jurisdiction. The proposed development would include 1,380 single-family lots along with commercial space and parks. Conditions include getting the city’s approval before issuing bonds, a development agreement, a strategic partnership agreement, and open meetings and financial transparency requirements.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

9:01 p.m.

Budget Amendment No. 2

After a public hearing, the council voted 6-0 to approve a $565,396 budget amendment for FY14, along with a $35,000 contingency transfer and $871,455 in interfund transfers. For complete details on the budget amendment items, see pages 212-13 in the regular meeting agenda packet.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation received by the council:

9:01 p.m.

The regular meeting was adjourned. The council meets again April 10.

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