Oil & gas item pulled from Thursday’s council agenda

Copyright: wamsler / 123RF Stock PhotoThe update to the city’s oil and gas ordinance has been pulled from Thursday’s College Station City Council meeting agenda to allow staff more time to work with stakeholders in shaping the proposal. The council will conduct a public hearing and consider the ordinance in early 2015.

The proposed update would amend the city’s existing oil and gas ordinance to align with current best practices and existing state permitting and oversight in response to a local increase in oil and gas activity. The ordinance hasn’t been updated in more than two decades.

Aubrey Nettles, Assistant to the City Manager

Photo: Copyright: wamsler / 123RF Stock Photo

One thought on “Oil & gas item pulled from Thursday’s council agenda

  1. Re: oil and gas drilling ordinance revisions. This is ill advised to be adding fees and additional regulation at a time when lower oil prices are slowing down drilling activity. This will have a negative effect on oil drilling in College Station. Council would be wise to defer (or eliminate) consideration of increased drilling fees and regulation. Further, this would impair mineral and royalty owner’s rights to economic use of and income from their property. Mark Browning, College Station.

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