Is College Station now THE twin city?


By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

Bryan-College Station has long been nicknamed the twin cities, but perhaps it’s time for College Station to go at it alone as THE twin city.

The final numbers of 2015 are in, and College Station experienced its most twin births ever with 50 sets. That’s 20 sets more than in 2014.

Year Births Girls Boys Twins
2013 2,159 1,066 1,093 36 sets
2014 2,460 1,264 1,196 30 sets
2015 2,494 1,245 1,249 50 sets

So, why the big jump in twins? I asked two local doctors who have the misfortune of being on my cell phone’s contact list, and a third whose spouse now regrets being among my Facebook friends. Their common theories probably are what you’d expect — an increase in fertility treatments over the past decade is responsible for nudging the numbers upward.

Also interesting, in my opinion, is that the gender split was three-hundredths of a decimal point away from being perfect: 49.92 percent girls (1,245) and 50.08 percent boys (1,249).

Meanwhile, here were the most-popular first and middle names for boys and girls in 2015.


Most popular first names

  1. Jackson (19)
  2. Aiden (15)
  3. Daniel and Luke (14)

Most popular middle names

  1. James (38)
  2. Michael (30)
  3. Lee (28)


Most popular first names

  1. Chloe (18)
  2. Adalynn and Madison (14)
  3. Emma and Sofia (13)

Most popular middle names

  1. Grace (61)
  2. Marie (54)
  3. Ann (38)

A few more 2015 stats:

  • Month with the most births: September (242)
  • Months with the least births: January and May (191).
  • Days with the most births: July 1 and Nov. 24 (16)

Huge thanks to Yvette Dela Torre, the City of College Station’s award-winning deputy local registrar who provided the data in this post and who does a tremendous job of handling our vital statistics throughout the year.

And happy 2016, everyone. Especially to the newest 100 twins in THE twin city.

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