Second transformer arrives at Northgate substation


By Patrick McIntyre, CSU Energy Coordinator  

CSU received a second transformer Thursday morning at the Northgate substation the city shares with Texas A&M. The new transformer doubles the substation’s capacity and will help us stay ahead of Northgate’s growth.

Since the substation is located in a high-density area, precautions had to be taken. College Station police escorted the truck and 70-foot trailer carrying the 150,000-lb. load through a route prescribed by the Texas Department of Transportation. University police isolated the area that led to the station entrance, where a 350-ton mobile crane carefully off-loaded the transformer.

Substation Superintendent Mike Duff and staff diligently planned for this project, which took months of complicated internal and external engineering work. Their efforts led to a successful outcome that enhances the city’s electric infrastructure.

Great job by everyone involved!


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