Aiden, Olivia CS’s most popular baby names in 2019

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

Friends, it’s time we had a talk. Some feelings are going to be hurt, but I’m just going to be straight with you.

With all due respect, some of you should’ve asked for help when naming your baby. While there are some wonderfully creative names among the 1,556 babies born in College Station during 2019 — I’ll get to that shortly — too many of you are afraid to color outside the lines.

Hear me out.

Since 2014, it feels like every other crib in College Station has a new Aiden (68), Jackson (82) or Emma (93!). But originality really dips when it comes to the middle names you’re choosing. See any patterns?

  • 2019:   Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2018:   Rose, Grace, Marie
  • 2017:   Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2016:   Grace, Marie, Rose
  • 2015:   Grace, Marie, Ann
  • 2014:   Grace, Marie, Nicole
  • 2019:   James, Lee, Michael
  • 2018:   James, Lee, Alexander
  • 2017:   James, Alexander, Wayne
  • 2016:   James, Michael, Alexander
  • 2015:   James, Michael, Lee
  • 2014:   James, Wayne, Alexander

I’m not saying you guys need to go all Boaty McBoatface with your baby names; I’m just saying you might want to consider options besides Emma Grace and Aiden James — no offense, of course, to these specific, mighty cute, newly-minted College Stationites.

Okay, end of the lecture.

Here are some College Station birth statistics from 2019, according to Yvette Dela Torre, our award-winning local registrar who handles vital statistics reporting.

  Births Girls Boys Twins Triplets
2013 2,159 1,066 1,093 36 sets
2014 2,460 1,264 1,196 30 sets 1 set
2015 2,494 1,245 1,249 50 sets
2016 2,307 1,206 1,164 44 sets
2017 2,398 1,168 1,230 48 sets 1 set
2018 2,016 970 1,046 27 sets  
2019 1,556 772 784 22 sets  

You might’ve noticed the continuing decline in births that began in 2018. Yvette says that’s due to another year without labor and delivery services being offered at CHI St. Joseph Health College Station Hospital (formerly College Station Medical Center). All hospital births in College Station in 2019 occurred at Baylor Scott & White Hospital.

Most popular BOYS’ first names

  • Aiden (11)
  • Liam (11)
  • Grayson (10)

Most popular BOYS’ middle names

  • James (35)
  • Lee/Leigh (24)
  • Michael (21)

Most popular GIRLS’ first names

  • Olivia (17)
  • Emma (12)
  • Harper (11)

Most popular GIRLS’ middle names

  • Grace (55)
  • Rose (34)
  • Marie (26)

More 2019 birth stats

  • Month with the most births: December (153)
  • Month with the fewest births: March (94)
  • Days with the most births: June 6 (11)
  • Home births: 4

In the spirit of high school yearbooks, here are some superlatives being handed out to a few of our 2019 babies.

Most likely to share the same name

  • Aiden James (2)
  • Avery Kate (2)
  • Ella Grace (3)
  • Emma Grace (3)
  • Hadley Grace (2)
  • Harper Grace (3)
  • Isabella Marie (2)
  • Jordan Thomas (2)
  • Layla Rose (2)
  • Lorenzo Antonio (2)
  • Noah Michael (2)
  • Olivia Rose (3)
  • Olivia Claire (2)
  • Samuel Ray (2)
  • Skylar Elaine (2)
  • Whitley Jane (2)
  • Wyatt Michael (2)

Most likely to join the Audubon Society

  • Birdie Scout

Most likely to give credit to a higher power

  • Brontayveai Imblessed

Most likely to win all competitions

  • Champion Jkee

Most likely to kayak

  • Indie River
  • Kip River
  • River Matthew
  • River Delane

Most likely to sing/act with GaGa Lady

  • Cooper Bradley

Most likely to come through in a pinch

  • Klutch Christian

Most likely to be remembered

  • Legend Lee
  • Legend O’Mari

Most likely to make her own car repairs

  • Piston Jayne

Most likely to visit a national park in South Dakota

  • Rupert Badlands

Most likely to work with Elon Musk

  • Tesla Eden

Most likely to be a cool conversation starter

  • Wenceslado 3rd

Most likely to wear baby Tony Lamas

  • Castyn Maverick
  • Maverick Roddie
  • William Maverick

Most likely to pursue law enforcement

  • E’Mahzi Justice Lyen
  • Justice Johari
  • Justice Aubrielle

Most likely to deserve their own category

  • Alpha Dewdrop
  • Zoiimi My’Life

College Station ended 2019 with a population estimate of 122,738, thanks in part to our 1,556 newest residents. When it’s time to look back at our 2020 babies, I expect to see more Alpha Dewdrops and fewer Emma Graces — okay?


About the Blogger

Jay Socol (@jaysocol) is in his 11th year as College Station’s public communications director. A 1991 graduate of Texas A&M, Jay has also served as communications director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, public information officer for the City of Bryan, and news director at several Bryan-College Station area radio stations. A native of Breckenridge, he was president of the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers from 2016-18.

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