Revamped after-school program set for this fall

By Ana Romero, Recreation Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has led after-school programs across the nation to be reimagined and restructured to safely provide the same high-quality, engaging programs that have been so popular. As parents return to work this fall, the Lincoln Recreation Center’s after-school programs will continue to offer essential support services for families in these uncertain times.

After-school programs are highly valued — especially by families with two working parents — because they teach kids to cooperate, make friends, and respect one another while providing a sense of community. The programs also help with homework while ensuring children participate in the healthy physical activities they need.

Fresh protocols will help keep our youth safe, active, engaged, and learning outside the classroom. To allow more participation, the Southwood Community Center will be used for children 11 years and older.

The new protocols include smaller groups, frequent hand washing, face masks, and temperature checks before children can enter. Bus transportation and pick-up/drop-off procedures have also changed, and parents will not be allowed in the facility. Staff will clean and plan using CDC guidelines and recommendations by county and local health officials.

Registration for the fall semester starts Monday online or by calling 979.764.3779. Qualifying households can drop-off proof of eligibility Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Lincoln Recreation Center. Space is limited, and participants must be engaged in on-site classroom learning through CSISD. Dates are subject to change, and the program will follow the CSISD schedule.

A mandatory virtual parent orientation will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13.

For more information and to view staff and member protocols, go to or call 979.764.3779.


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Ana Romero is in her fourth year as recreation manager. She previously served the City of McAllen as recreation supervisor, community center manager, and aquatics superintendent. Ana earned a bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M in 2001.


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