Usher in the spring on Lick Creek’s Yaupon Loop

By Brooke Littlefield, Assistant Recreation Supervisor

As spring approaches, we’re all looking forward to warmer weather, the return of monarch butterflies, and blooming flowers to color our landscapes. Among the best places in College Station to enjoy the seasonal change are Lick Creek Park’s scenic hiking trails.

The knowledgeable docents at the Lick Creek Nature Center have put together a self-guided Yaupon Loop Guided Nature Hike brochure to enhance your wildlife experience. The brochure outlines the .79-mile trail in the park’s northeast corner. Hikers can follow the numbered blue markers and reference the guide to learn about the area’s native trees, bushes, and grasses. 

Situated in Texas’ Post Oak Savannah Ecoregion, the Yaupon Loop features mostly oak and elm trees along with a few hickories, cedars, and farkleberries. In early spring, the Mexican plum trees can be identified by their fragrant, white flowers. Pops of bright magenta along the trail will draw your eyes to the American beautyberry.

Yaupon Loop Guided Nature Hike brochures are available at the Lick Creek Nature Center, open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 1-6 p.m. on Sunday. The park’s trails close at dusk.

Please report any sightings or direct questions to the Lick Creek Nature Center staff. We’d love to hear about your adventures. For more information on nature center programs, visit or call 979-764-6216.

Enjoy your hike!

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Brooke Littlefield is in her second year as an assistant recreation supervisor. A College Station native, she earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Texas A&M in 2017.

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