Your handy guide to enjoying College Station’s dog-friendly parks with your furry best friend

In my world, the best way to explore the outdoors is with your best friend. But when your best friend is furry and has four legs, you need to find dog-friendly places.

That’s an easy task in College Station.

We have 54 dog-friendly parks with 1,791 beautiful acres to experience. That means you can explore a new park every week for an entire year!

Just remember that city ordinance requires dogs to be leashed in most of our parks – and don’t forget to clean up after them. If you want a little more running room, check out our off-leash dog parks that offer benches, shaded areas, and open spaces for your dog to run and socialize.

Dog Parks

Barracks Park has a fenced-in recreational area with benches and a covered shelter for owners to relax while their pups play. In addition, you can keep them hydrated with the convenient fountains at the side of the park.

Steeplechase Park is a 1.5-acre fenced-in area where your pup can release all that pent-up energy. A wash and hydration station is available when your dog needs a quick rinse, so don’t forget your towel. With a nearby play unit and a basketball court, your kids can have a little fun, too.

University Park has opportunities for small and large dogs with separate fenced-in play areas. It also has a walkway through the woods that leads to a large pond where your pup can cool off, swim, and frolic with the other dogs. The park also boasts an agility obstacle course in the large dog area and a wash and hydration station.

Designated Off-Leash Trail

Lick Creek Park offers five miles of marked trails and opportunities to explore nature with your leashed dog, except for the Raccoon Run Trail. Racoon Run is a 1.7-mile off-leash trail that gives your pup a little more room to explore. Dogs must be under voice control, and all dog park rules apply. The Lick Creek Nature Center’s hydration stations and restrooms are about a half-mile from Raccoon Run.

Before you and your dog explore these spaces, let’s review our dog park rules and animal control ordinances:

Dog Park Rules

  • Park hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Female dogs in heat aren’t permitted.
  • Dogs younger than four months are not allowed in off-leash parks.
  • Dogs more than four months old must be rabies vaccinated and registered with Brazos County. Registration tags can be purchased through your veterinarian or the Aggieland Humane Society (979-775-5755).
  • Your dog must wear its current county and rabies vaccination tags. Registration must cover one year from the issue date in conjunction with the rabies vaccination date.
  • Pets are not allowed to be free of a physical restraint (at large) beyond the boundaries of the owner’s premises or a designated dog park. 
  • It’s unlawful for you not to clean up after your pet on public property.
  • . Dogs must be removed if uncontrollable.
  • Handlers must not allow dogs to dig holes in the park and should cover up holes their dogs create.

Animal Control Ordinances

  • Pet owners must observe city ordinances, which are enforceable through the courts. Violations are subject to fines up to $500.
  • Pets are not allowed to be free of a physical restraint (at large) beyond the boundaries of the owner’s premises.
  • Pets are not allowed to be off-leash in city parks unless it’s designated as a dog park or a leash-free park.
  • Excessive noise caused by barking, howling, crowing, or screeching may result in a warning or citation.
  • Failing to clean up after a pet off your property violates city ordinance.
  • It’s unlawful to leave an animal in a vehicle or trailer during extreme temperatures.
  • Nuisance behavior such as chasing, biting, or scratching may result in warning or citation.
  • Under state law, rabies vaccinations are required for dogs, cats, and ferrets more than four months old.

For a complete list of animal control ordinances, visit

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Kelli Nesbitt has served the Parks & Recreation Department for 16 years, the last eight as marketing coordinator. A native of Bryan, Kelli earned a bachelor’s degree in health & kinesiology from Sam Houston State.

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