New Midtown parking lot, trailhead provide easy access to the beautiful Lick Creek Greenway Trail

By Kelly Kelbly, Parks & Recreation Assistant Director

With the welcome return of spring, eager residents are walking, biking, and enjoying the incredible Central Texas weather.

One of the best places in our area to enjoy those outdoor activities is the Lick Creek Greenway Trail, which runs from Creek View Park to Lick Creek Park. The 10-foot-wide accessible trail meanders three miles through natural settings and features scenic views, a pond, and interpretive signage. The path opened in 2016.   

Last month, the parking lot and trailhead were completed near the electrical substation on Midtown Drive to make the beautiful trail even more accessible. The new amenity includes 12 standard parking spaces and one handicap spot.

Starting at the Creek View trailhead, the trail uses bike lanes and sidewalks along Eagle Avenue, Longmire Drive, and Barron Road to the intersection of Barron and State Highway 6. Parking is available at Creek View Elementary School after hours.

Underpasses at Midtown Drive and William D. Fitch Parkway keep users from crossing those busy roadways.

The trail connector follows buffered bike lanes and sidewalks along Pebble Creek Parkway to Lick Creek Park. At Royal Adelade Drive, it reverts to a 10-foot-wide path and continues to Lick Creek Park. Ample parking is also available at the Lick Creek trailhead.

We encourage you to experience the delightful Lick Creek Greenways Trail from any of its convenient access points.

Enjoy the warm Texas spring!

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Assistant Director Kelly Kelbly is in her 21st year with the College Station Parks & Recreation Department. A native of Gilmer, Kelly is a 1998 graduate of Texas A&M.

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