The LRC’s Easter Egg-stravaganza on April 14 features games and photos with the Easter Bunny

By Isaiah Smith, Assistant Recreation Supervisor

When people think about Easter outside its religious context, three words come to mind – bunnies, eggs, and egg hunts.

But sometimes, what should be a fun event means resentment and frustration for some. For example, if you’ve taken part in an egg hunt, you may have seen the sadness in the eyes of a child who only found a couple of eggs while their friends collected a dozen or more. 

The College Station Parks & Recreation Department believes everyone deserves a fair shake. In place of a traditional egg hunt, the Lincoln Recreation Center’s free Easter Egg-stravaganza is Thursday, April 14, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The event features Easter-themed games and photos with the Easter Bunny. Kids 10-and-under get a bag filled with eggs, candy, toys, and a coloring sheet. Overflow parking is available at the Wayne Smith Athletic Complex at 107 Holleman Drive.

For more information, contact me at or 979-764-3779.

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About the Blogger

Isaiah Smith is in his fifth year as assistant supervisor at the Lincoln Recreation Center. He worked part-time at the LRC for four years while attending Texas A&M. A native of Caddo Mills, Isaiah earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2018.

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