Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at the marvelous Gary Halter Nature Center on May 13

By Kelli Nesbitt, Parks & Recreation Marketing Coordinator

Millions of birds navigate the Texas skies each year on their fall and spring migrations, attracting enthusiasts from around the country hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite bird.

Fortunately, local bird enthusiasts don’t have to travel far to quench their birding passions since Lick Creek Park ranks among the region’s most outstanding birding destinations.

Popular migrating species that frequent the park include ruby-throated hummingbirds, painted buntings, Swainson’s warblers, pileated woodpeckers, Inca doves, chuck-will’s widows, common nighthawks, black-bellied whistling ducks, barn swallows, white-eyed vireos, golden-crowned kinglets, northern parulas, ovenbirds, American crows, scissor-tailed flycatchers, black vultures, and turkey vultures.

The Parks and Recreation Department will celebrate these birds as part of World Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Gary Halter Nature Center. The free, family-friendly, come-and-go event features bird hikes, educational booths, games, and handy tips for creating bird-friendly habitats.

Here’s what to expect:

Additional parking is available at the Lick Creek equestrian entrance off Rock Prairie Road.

The Gary Halter Nature Center staff can answer your questions and would love to hear about your adventures and bird sightings. For more information on our programs, visit cstx.gov/LickCreek or call 979-764-6216.

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Kelli Nesbitt has served the Parks & Recreation Department for 17 years, the last nine as marketing coordinator. A native of Bryan, she earned a bachelor’s degree in health & kinesiology from Sam Houston State.

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