CSFD’s efficient EMS operations provide better response times and make our community safer

By Capt. Stuart Marrs, CSFD Public Information Officer

Thanks to our city leaders’ steadfast support and vision, the College Station Fire Department‘s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division provides quicker and more effective response times when our residents need us most.    

Exceptional emergency medical services have always been a hallmark of CSFD, and the recent upgrades complement our mission of “Excellence Through Service” by enhancing the overall quality of patient care. The significant changes are a direct result of proactive investment in public safety by the College Station City Council and city management.

Let’s look closer at the four decisive steps we’ve taken to reach such a high level of EMS service.

1. Maximum Efficiency

In 2021-2022, we streamlined dispatch policies and processes to maximize the efficiency of existing resources. We implemented changes to ensure the department has adequate ambulances available, especially during high-use times such as football weekends, graduations, and other special events that attract people to our community.

2. Station No. 1 Ambulance

In 2022-2023, we added a peak-time ambulance at Fire Station No. 1 on Holleman Drive to cover the high volume of emergency calls between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The ambulance primarily responds to the area from University Drive to Rock Prairie Road, which experiences a daily population shift during business and school hours.

3. Station No. 5 Ambulance

In October, the city council approved the department’s fifth full-time ambulance to respond from Fire Station No. 5 on William D. Fitch Parkway. The ambulance significantly reduces response times for residents, businesses, and schools in south College Station.

4. More Paramedics

We’ve also increased the number of paramedic-trained personnel, thanks to federal funding through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program and the Texas EMS Recruiting and Retention Funding Program. The city’s FY 24 budget includes local funding for continued paramedic training.

In the next few years, CSFD will focus on recruiting and training more paramedics with the latest medical practices and capabilities. The increased EMS capacity will further strengthen our response to structure fires. 

Again, these enhancements to operational efficiency could only happen with the unwavering support of city leadership in close collaboration with our dedicated fire department personnel. We thank them all for making our community a safer place for everyone.

About the Blogger

Stuart has been with the College Station Fire Department since 2009 and has served as a captain since 2017. He was previously a firefighter with the Huntsville (Texas) Fire Department. Stuart studied communications at Texas A&M and earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from A&M-Commerce in 2019.

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