Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (Feb. 14)

Live Blog: Thursday’s city council meetings (Feb. 14)

Sitting (L-R): Mayor Pro Tem Linda Harvell, Mayor Karl Mooney, Eleanor Vessali. Standing (L-R): Bob Brick, Jerome Rektorik, John Nichols, Dennis Maloney.

By Colin Killian, Public Communications Manager

Welcome to our live blog from the College Station City Council’s workshop and regular meetings on Thursday, Feb. 14. It’s not the official minutes.

The meetings can be watched live on Suddenlink channel 19 or online. An archive of previous council meetings is available on the website.

5:14 p.m.

The workshop has started. No action was taken out of the executive session.
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Eastgate Neighborhood Plan Provides Focused Direction

As new areas of College Station develop, existing areas age and commonly face shifting market pressures and opportunities. These changes can create new issues and needs that require attention. To help address these needs, the city’s Comprehensive Plan calls for the implementation of a series of small-area and master plans. These include plans for specific neighborhoods and districts as well as for specific infrastructure elements such as streets, sewer and water facilities and parks.

One of the oldest parts of College Station is the Eastgate area, a largely single-family neighborhood anchored by College Hills Elementary School and Thomas Park that includes aging commercial and multi-family properties along its perimeter. Some parts of the neighborhood were built well before the city incorporated more than 70 years ago. The Eastgate area was identified for a neighborhood plan to help address the dynamic market that results from its age and close proximity to Texas A&M and other community facilities.

The College Station City Council on Thursday unanimously approved the Eastgate Neighborhood Plan, which is the second neighborhood planning effort since the Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2009. The Central College Station Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 2010.

 Citizen Engagement

Neighborhood plans require an intensive citizen engagement effort, and participation by property owners and residents is essential. The planning process for the Eastgate Neighborhood Plan began last September with a kickoff meeting with neighborhood residents. Since then, several neighborhood meetings were conducted to gather information, identify issues and recognize potential opportunities. The input the city received in these meetings helped shape the plan, which was presented at open houses to receive feedback from area residents.

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