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College Station has plenty to be excited about

By Colin Killian, Public Communications Manager

lNqMKLast week, a travel site called Gogobot placed College Station No. 1 on its list of the Most Exciting Cities in Texas.

Yes, you read that right.

We all love College Station, and it’s certainly not a boring place these days. But THE most exciting city in the best state in America?

Even those of us who spend most of our waking hours at city hall had a hearty chuckle about that one.

Then, late Tuesday, I noticed another list.

WalletHub, a popular financial blog, said College Station has the fifth fastest-growing economy in the country. We’re ranked fourth among mid-sized cities (100,000-300,000 population). Our neighbors in Bryan are No. 8 overall and No. 2 among small cities (under 100,000 population). (more…)