How planning affects your quality of life

Did you know your eyes process more information than your brain can ever put into words? 

Look around you, and what do you see?  A phone?  A computer?  A framed picture of the dog?  A spot that was missed the last time you dusted? If you happen to stop by my house, you’re welcome to overlook that last one.

Those questions were easy. But did you also note the light blue paint on the walls?  The texture of the leaves on the potted fern?  The plaid pattern on the upholstered chair?  Now we’re talking. 

Did the hue of the walls remind you of your beach vacation?  Did you remember you haven’t watered that plant in weeks? Did you think about how the dog curls up for a nap at the foot of the same chair every afternoon? If you did, I’m impressed.

Let’s go a final step: Did you notice how your surroundings made you feel? Happy?  Pressured?  Relaxed?  Even if you didn’t, it probably had a subconscious impact.

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