“Here in 1938” signs highlight homes of historical significance


You may have noticed “Here in 1938” yard signs in front of several College Station homes, especially in the Southside area. These are homes that existed when College Station was incorporated as a city in 1938, and many have historical markers.

As the city celebrates its 75th anniversary, it’s important to recognize these historical places and the significant role that they played in our city’s history. While these are by no means the only houses here at that time, they are a good representation of homes from that era.

You can find more information about these homes, along with other historically significant memorabilia and artifacts, starting Saturday in a special exhibit at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Called “College Station: A Community History,” the exhibit runs through Jan. 4.

Here’s the background on four of these Southside area homes:

Blumberg-Inglis House (607 Old Jersey Street)

The home at 607 Old Jersey Street is recognized with College Station Historical Marker No. 3 and is known as the Blumberg-Inglis House. It’s a Southern adaptation of Greek Revival designed by Architect Ernest Langford, a former College Station mayor and head of the Texas A&M Architecture Department from 1929-57.

It was built in 1932 by Luther Jones, one of College Station’s first city council members, for Dr. and Mrs. William Blumberg. Dr. Blumberg was a professor of mathematics at A&M. The house was purchased by Jack and Roberta Inglis in 1966.

Rogers-Price-Candia House (716 Park Place)

The home at 716 Park Place is recognized with College Station Historical Marker No. 6 and is known as the Rogers-Price-Candia House. It was built in 1938 by Mr. Hendrix of Bryan for Raymond and Lois Rogers. Materials for the Cape Cod cottage were purchased from Parker Lumber Company in Bryan, and the stone came from a quarry just south of Wellborn.

The third residence built on Park Place, it was said to be the only native limestone residence in College Station. The home was purchased in 2007 by John and Linda Price, then in 2011 by Carlos and Arlene Candia.

Rudder-Jessup House (115 Lee Avenue)

The home at 115 Lee Avenue is recognized with College Station Historical Marker No. 7 and is known as the Rudder-Jessup House. It was built in 1936 for Steven G. Bailey, who was secretary of A&M’s board of directors. It was purchased in 1942 by T.D. and Elizabeth Brooks. Mr. Brooks was A&M’s dean of Arts & Sciences and served as dean of the graduate school from 1932-1944.

The house was purchased in 1963 by Texas A&M University after the President’s Home on campus burned. It was occupied by President J. Earl and Margaret Rudder until a new President’s Home was built. The home was purchased in 1965 by Dr. and Mrs. R.D. Radeleff. Dr. Radeleff served on the College Station City Council from 1971 until his death in 1974. The house was purchased in 1982 by Mrs. Anna Lou Jessup and has been used for parties benefiting the Brazos Valley Symphony, OPAS and other community groups.

Norton-Smith House (1004 Ashburn Avenue)

The home at 1004 Ashburn Avenue is recognized with College Station Historical Marker No. 4 and is known as the Norton-Smith House. This is one of at least 50 houses that were moved from the A&M campus into the community. Originally located at the corner of Joe Routt Boulevard and Wellborn Road on campus, the house was the residence of Head Football Coach Homer Norton from 1933-35 and Registrar E.J. Howell from 1935-41.

Manning and Nita Smith had the house moved to its current location in 1941. Mr. Smith was an assistant coach on Norton’s 1939 national championship football team and coached the A&M basketball team from 1943-45.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the 55 “Here in 1938” homes, here’s a complete list (the asterisk indicates the home also displays a College Station historical marker):

West (Old) Jersey Street

  • 600 West (Old) Jersey
  • 607 West (Old) Jersey *

Guernsey Street

  • 600 Guernsey *
  • 601 Guernsey
  • 603 Guernsey
  • 605 Guernsey

Hereford Street

  • 601 Hereford
  • 603 Hereford
  • 701 Hereford

Fairview Avenue

  • 400 Fairview
  • 404 Fairview

Park Place

  • 709 Park Place
  • 715 Park Place
  • 716 Park Place *

West Dexter Drive

  • 402 West Dexter
  • 500 West Dexter
  • 502 West Dexter *
  • 504 West Dexter
  • 506 West Dexter
  • 600 West Dexter *
  • 602 West Dexter

Aryshire Street

  • 400 Ayrshire
  • 402 Ayrshire
  • 408 Ayrshire
  • 508 Ayrshire

Bell Street

  • 602 Bell

East Dexter Drive

  • 303 East Dexter *
  • 305 East Dexter *
  • 307 East Dexter

 South Dexter Drive

  •  504 South Dexter

 Suffolk Avenue

  • 203 Suffolk
  • 207 Suffolk *
  • 211 Suffolk *
  • 300 Suffolk *
  • 301 Suffolk
  • 315 Suffolk *

Pershing Avenue

  • 205 Pershing
  • 214 Pershing
  • 308 Pershing *

Lee Avenue

  • 115 Lee *
  • 119 Lee *
  • 120 Lee *
  • 126 Lee
  • 200 Lee
  • 201 Lee
  • 207 Lee *
  • 210 Lee *
  • 211 Lee *
  • 215 Lee *
  • 300 Lee
  • 301 Lee
  • 310 Lee
  • 314 Lee *

Ashburn Avenue

  • 1004 Ashburn *

Remember, admission to the exhibit is free on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s celebration event also includes mini-train rides by title sponsor Union Pacific, performances, a vintage car show and storytelling.

We hope to see you there!

— Jerry Cooper, 75th Anniversary Committee