James Benham

Podcast: Faster internet will enhance our economy, quality of life

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

The College Station City Council recently inked an agreement allowing an ultra-high-speed internet provider to lease available city-owned fiber strands.

In this edition of the podcast, our guest is Place-6 City Councilman James Benham, who not only makes his living in the world of technology, but is committed to expanding College Station’s tech infrastructure and quality of life.

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Podcast: Why food truck parks make sense in our community

By Jay Socol, Public Communications Director

Place-6 City Councilman James Benham visits food truck parks wherever he goes, so it makes sense that he’d like the same experience in College Station. The problem is that food truck parks haven’t been allowed … until now.

In this edition of the podcast, Benham talks about why he led the charge to bring one of his favorite pastimes to College Station.

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Why College Station needs better bandwidth

I’ve recently received a few questions about why we need internet bandwidth speeds 20 times faster than what we currently have available, so I thought I would try to break it down for everyone. The whole high-speed bandwidth argument has to do with five variables:

  1. The size of the data pipe (how much data can move through at once).
  2. The speed of the data pipe (how fast that data moves through the pipe).
  3. The quality of the data pipe (how much stuff gets lost between point A and point B).
  4. The cost of the data pipe (the price of moving stuff through the pipe and the price of constructing the pipe).
  5. The availability of the data pipe (where the pipe can be found and run).