Our most popular blogs and podcasts of 2015

Our most popular blogs and podcasts of 2015

By Colin Killian, Public Communications Manager

blogWhen blogging became all the rage several years ago, it was common to see corporations and even state and federal government agencies jumping aboard.

But you didn’t see many local governments taking part – and you still don’t.

The reason the City of College Station decided to start blogging in 2010 was simple. It was an effective way to better tell our story. More than five years later, the city blog continues to be a powerful cornerstone of our public outreach strategy.

In our first six months of blogging, we averaged just over 800 views per month. In 2015, we averaged almost 6,000 views per month, more than a sevenfold increase. Since we began blogging in August 2010, we’ve posted 620 blogs, resulting in about 230,000 views and tens of thousands of shares through social media.

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CS’s five most popular blog posts of 2013

A&M vs Florida

Reaching the end of a year always provides an opportunity for reflection. Like College Station’s population odometer, the number of views to our blog is about to roll over 100,000. Accounting for nearly 10 percent of those views are the five most-popular posts of 2013 (click on the title to read the respective blogs):

No. 5 

The greatest B-CS song you may have never heard

Dusted off from the 1960s, this little gem graced the WTAW-AM airwaves and really got creative when touting the positive qualities of the community. Among them: a wide main street, a nuclear reactor and deer hunting that’s “better than it was when the Indians were around.” Not joking.  Listen for yourself. Continue reading “CS’s five most popular blog posts of 2013”

College Station’s blog-ometer rolls past 50,000

In spite of my one semester as a computer science major at Texas A&M — that’s when I learned the term “scholastic probation” — I’m far from being a numbers guy.  But I do appreciate milestone numbers, like admiring my truck’s odometer when it hits 20,000, 21,112, 22,222, 23,456 … you get the idea.

Recently, I’ve noticed some milestone numbers as they relate to a few of the ways we communicate information about the City of College Station.  Examples:

  • Facebook likes: 4,800+
  • Twitter followers: 4,000+
  • YouTube views: 345,500+
  • City blog posts: 200
  • Total blog views: 50,000+

We employ means of communication other than social media tools, but because data is so readily available through these, I wanted to spend a little time focusing on one in particular: the College Station blog.

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