Happy Thanksgushing: Water line cleaning continues Tuesday

FlushingIf you happen to notice water gushing from fire hydrants along Southwest Parkway on Tuesday, don’t worry – the water lines between Wellborn Road and Texas Avenue are being flushed as part of our water line cleaning project.

We’ll start flushing about 8 a.m. by opening and closing carefully selected hydrants and valves, flushing the water at high enough velocities to scour the water line. If you’re driving east on Southwest Parkway, you may notice significant flowing water in the roadway, so please be careful.

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Truth & Rumors: Repairing Private Water, Sewer Lines

Rumor: The City of College Station endorses specific insurance coverage for repairing water and sewer lines on private property.

Status: False

It has come to our attention that some insurance companies plan to advertise in College Station regarding an insurance policy to cover repairs to private water and sewer lines. 

In most cases, city ownership of water lines ends at the water meter, and city ownership of sewer lines ends at the property line. City employees are not allowed to work on private lines and if something happens to those lines, the homeowner is responsible for making the repairs. 

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