Blanche Brick

Councilwoman Brick: What makes a great city?


By Blanche Brick, Place 1 City Councilwoman

After serving on the College Station City Council for the past four years, I would like to offer my reflections on what makes a great city.

College Station has been experiencing a vigorous rate of growth. This experience has led the city council, city staff and the community to think long and hard about how to respond in a reasonable and sustainable way.


Blanche Brick: Kyle Field redevelopment presents significant challenges


EDITOR’S NOTE: This blog expresses the author’s viewpoint only. It does not represent the collective view of the city council or the City of College Station.

In 1904, Edwin Jackson Kyle, Professor of Horticulture and an 1899 graduate of the A&M College of Texas, used land he had been given for agricultural research to establish a field for A&M football and baseball games. He spent $650 of his own money to purchase a grandstand from the Bryan fairgrounds and added wooden seats to accommodate 500 fans.

In 1927, a new stadium was built at a cost of $345,000. 

Today’s renovation will cost $450 million and expand the seating to 102,000. There are Founder’s boxes that cost $10 million for a 20-year right to occupy these luxury boxes.  As of June, all but two of these boxes had been sold.