Parks help create a lifetime of fond memories

Parks help create a lifetime of fond memories

By Lance Jackson, Lincoln Recreation Center Supervisor

5435262_lI treasure the times when my elderly mother talks about her life experiences, but I also have to admit that the family historian and researcher in me wants to capture a little oral history, too.

She recently was reminiscing about her childhood in Temple and how our family’s athletic prowess began with her playing baseball with the boys at Baker Field, our neighborhood park. I played there many times myself as a kid. Our conversation made me wonder just how long the old baseball park has existed. 

I contacted the Temple Parks & Recreation office and was informed that it dates to 1946.

My mother says she could hit with the best of the boys and was just as fast. I believe her, too. She was later proud to support and watch her five boys playing Little League at that same park. All the local kids dreamed of playing at Baker Field and we’d sometimes sneak out there for pick-up games, but since it was considered the big boy field, we were always chased off.

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