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Beware of phone scammers claiming to be with CSPD

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By Lt. Chuck Fleeger, CSPD Public Information Officer

These days, no one is immune to identity theft or impersonation – even the College Station Police Department.

Since late October, phone scammers have been leading local residents to believe they are with the police department. They use sophisticated technology to trick your caller ID into showing that the call is from CSPD’s main phone line.

The calls typically include false allegations about unpaid taxes, arrest warrants and immigration status. In some cases, the scammer says the resident’s family member is in jail or that their identity has been stolen. The victim is threatened with arrest, expulsion from school or deportation unless the fine is paid immediately through the purchase of redeemable gift cards, release of banking information, disclosure of user names and passwords, or other unreasonable requests.


Truth & Rumors: Repairing Private Water, Sewer Lines

Rumor: The City of College Station endorses specific insurance coverage for repairing water and sewer lines on private property.

Status: False

It has come to our attention that some insurance companies plan to advertise in College Station regarding an insurance policy to cover repairs to private water and sewer lines. 

In most cases, city ownership of water lines ends at the water meter, and city ownership of sewer lines ends at the property line. City employees are not allowed to work on private lines and if something happens to those lines, the homeowner is responsible for making the repairs. 


Truth & Rumors: City’s Involvement in Scott & White Hospital

RUMOR: The City of College Station is playing a large financial role in the development of the new Scott & White Hospital at Rock Prairie Rd. and State Hwy. 6.

STATUS: False.

FACTS: Erroneous information and misconceptions persist about the City of College Station’s participation in the new Scott and White Hospital and medical campus.  As approved by the city council, the city’s cost participation in this major investment in the community involves two infrastructure items:

  1. $1.1 million in sewer infrastructure will be constructed to provide city sewer service to the S&W hospital as well as the surrounding service area.  Scott & White will contribute $500,000 in cash and land to pay for their part of this project, and the city will fund the remaining portion for the surrounding area, similar to an oversize participation agreement.
  2. To allow Scott & White to bury all of the aerial electrical lines fronting the new hospital site, the city has agreed to bore under SH 6 at a cost of $80,000. Scott & White is responsible for the total cost of the electrical work at the site, which is estimated at $1.3 million.

Neither of the projects involving the city will occur on Scott & White’s property and no public funds will be paid directly to Scott & White for the long-term realization of this project.

In exchange for these two cost-participation items, the city will receive $130 million in new capital investment at the site in the project’s initial phase.  In addition, this investment will include approximately $30 million in taxable investment and will create more than 600 new high-paying jobs representing a projected annual payroll in excess of $40 million.

Source: City of College Station’s Economic and Community Development Department

Truth & Rumors: No Left onto Barron Road?

RUMOR:Rumor has it that part of the Barron Road expansion will include blocking cars from turning left onto Barron from Springmist Drive.  This would cause more traffic in front of the new school and the intersection of Barron and Victoria, since people in Westfield Village would be forced to either go around and turn left from Victoria, or take Barron to Hwy 40.”

Submitted by Patrick Dexter, College Station

TRUE: The Barron Road Widening Phase 2 project will include a raised median across Springmist Drive, which will prevent any left turns entering or exiting Springmist Drive. 

FACTS: This drive is too close to the proposed signalized intersection of Victoria Avenue and too close to the left turn bay for Victoria Avenue to allow an opening in the median.  Such an opening would encourage an unsafe turning movement onto an arterial roadway that carries traffic between SH 6 and SH 40.  In addition, traffic from the Westfield Village Subdivision has access to both Victoria Avenue and Newport Drive, both of which have full access to Barron Road.  The signal at Victoria also will be a more efficient and safer way to travel north, and area residents are encouraged to use it.

SOURCE: Daniel Beamon, P.E, Assistant City Engineer

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Truth & Rumors: Low Income Housing

RUMOR: “The City of College Station is subsidizing low-income housing through federal grants.”

FALSE : The city is not subsidizing low-income housing using federal funds.

FACTS: The City of College Station supports non-profit partners constructing new housing for income eligible applicants. That means this program is not funded through federal stimulus bills or grants. The City of College Station previously used the federal HOME Investment Partnership Grant (HOME) grant to directly fund new home construction through the New Construction Program, but that program has been retired.

The city has five homes for sale, four of which were constructed in the past year. These houses are available only at the appraised value, and the asking price has never been lowered. To purchase one of these homes, the applicant must acquire a private mortgage that meets the applicable underwriting requirements. The city’s community development programs do not offer free rides; the city offers down payments for these homes in the form of a zero percent, deferred loan of $14,999.


Truth & Rumors: Credit Card Fees

RUMOR: “The City of College Station is assessing credit card convenience fees on utility bill payments.”

FALSE: Convenience fees are NOT being assessed for paying utility bills with a credit card.

FACTS: In January, the city council unanimously approved an ordinance allowing a $3 fee to be assessed on payments made by credit card. That fee went into effect earlier this week at Municipal Court and the jail. The fee could eventually be expanded across the city but for now, no fee will be imposed on those who use credit cards to pay their utility bill.

The fee offsets the increased processing costs the city incurs when it accepts credit card payments.

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