Residents Play Vital Role in Wellborn Planning

More than 70 Wellborn area residents and property owners gathered Monday night at the Wellborn Community Center to begin working with city officials on a plan to retain Wellborn as a place of lasting value that enriches their lives and those of all College Station residents. Representatives from the College Station City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and City Manager’s Office were on hand to learn from residents what they value about Wellborn and why they are so passionate about its future.

An Open and Transparent Process

Residents and businesses are encouraged to continue taking an active role in the development of the Wellborn District Plan, which we intend to remain an open and transparent process. A pre-determined plan for the area does not exist, and this initial meeting started the development process. The primary objectives are to ensure that Wellborn does not lose its unique identity while still recognizing it is part of a growing city. The planning process is similar to that used to develop plans for other parts of the city, including the historic Eastgate and Southside neighborhoods, and the more recently developed neighborhoods in the central area of the community.

We felt it was extremely important to take these steps because for the process to be productive, it will need consistent and intense involvement by residents and business owners in the annexed area. A volunteer resource team will be created to allow interested residents and property owners to work closely with the city to develop the plan and strategies for its eventual implementation. This team will be involved throughout the process and will help keep residents and business owners aware of meetings and the progress of the plan, which is expected to be completed in about 10-12 months.

Services Provided Since Annexation

Since the city annexed 649 acres in the Wellborn area on April 14, 2011, it has provided a number of city services. While the 200 residents directly affected by the annexation will not pay property taxes until late in 2012, here are some of the services they have been provided with to date:

  • Fire Department – Following annexation, the fire department worked to get familiar with the area. The Fire Marshal’s office has reviewed plans for new businesses planning for development and expansion in the area. Fire administrative staff has responded to numerous questions regarding the requirements for outside burning and the process to receive a burn permit.
  • Police Department – In addition to routine patrols, the police department has responded to numerous calls for service since the effective date of annexation. Calls have ranged from animals-at-large to reports of suspicious persons.
  • City Secretary’s Office – The City Secretary’s Office worked closely with the Voter Registrar’s Office to make sure registered voters in the annexed area were able to vote in the May 14, 2011 city election.
  • Sanitation – The Sanitation Department has added more than 30 new customers in the annexation area.
  • Streets, Drainage & Irrigation – Staff from the Streets & Drainage Division have mowed rights-of-way, patched potholes and installed updated street name signs and traffic control signs. Staff has also removed dead trees located within in the right-of-way behind the post office.
  • Capital Improvement Program – The annexation service plan calls for the installation of a sanitary sewer line to serve a portion of the annexation area. To date, the city has contracted with an engineering firm to study the most effective route for the sewer line.
  • Planning – Staff has processed several subdivision plats for property within the annexation area and recommended changes to the Unified Development Ordinance designed to provide limited relief for properties located within the annexation area.
  • Building Department – Upon annexation, there were two detached garages under construction in the annexation area. The building department worked with the affected property owners to secure the necessary building permits and provided the needed inspections for both structures.
  • Code Enforcement – In response to a complaint, staff made contact with a property owner regarding construction debris and several inoperable motor vehicles. Staff worked with the property owner to resolve the issues.

Residents interested in learning more about this plan, upcoming meetings, or to join in the creation of the plan are encouraged to visit the city website. Questions can be emailed to senior planner Matt Robinson at

Bob Cowell
Bob Cowell
Executive Director | Planning & Development Services

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