Three Easy Ways Students Can Thrive in College Station

When you choose to attend a college or university, you’re also choosing a home for the next four (okay, five) years of your life. Since officially becoming a city in 1938, College Station has served as the adopted hometown for generations of Aggies, growing from a sleepy town of just 2,000 people to a diverse community of almost 100,000. Thanks to you, we recently were named the top college town in America.

With more than 40,000 students from Texas A&M and Blinn College living in College Station, it’s important for you to learn about your new hometown and how to be a good neighbor. To make the transition easier, here are three keys to thriving in our community (in addition to going to class):

1.      Code Enforcement

Many people don’t even think about city codes until they find an unwelcome citation hanging on their door. Following these simple guidelines can save you a lot of headaches and allow you to spend your scarce cash on something more fun. 

Trash Cans: After your trash has been collected, you have 12 hours to remove your sanitation container from the street. Trash should be securely stored in the provided container until your scheduled pickup day, and the lid should be secured so the litter doesn’t spread.

Parking: Cars, pickups and motorcycles can’t be parked in the yard of any residential area, except on asphalt, concrete or gravel. Be sure not to block driveways or mailboxes with your parked vehicle.

Yards: Keep your weeds and grass no higher than 12 inches.

Open storage: Don’t store anything in your yard or patio that’s not intended for outdoor use. Firewood can be stored in the side or backyard.

Illegal signs: Fliers or posters can’t be placed on utility poles, street signs or in the public right-of-way.

Residential Occupancy: No more than four unrelated people can share a single-family residence.

Keep those things in mind and you’ll have no problems. For more information about city codes, call 979.764.6363.

2.      Aggie Up!

Aggie Up! is a cooperative campaign among Texas A&M and the cities of Bryan and College that’s designed to help you become a fully-integrated resident.

On Thursday from 2-4 p.m., representatives from A&M and the College Station Police Department will walk around Southside neighborhoods near Grove and Montclair streets providing Aggie Up-related information. The Walk and Talk also will give residents a chance to talk to police officers under positive circumstances.

Students are invited to the Aggie Up Carnival on Sept. 19 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center, where you’ll find a variety of booths providing helpful information, games, prizes and much more.

3.      Noise Abatement

Off-campus students who have been charged with a noise violation may be able to take a noise abatement class to reduce their offense. The class includes a discussion of city codes, ways to be a good neighbor, conflict management and proper party planning. For more details, call 979.845.1741.

Enough about what NOT to do

We know you’re here to study hard, but shouldn’t you have a little fun, too?

In addition to first-class entertainment venues in Northgate and at Wolf Pen Creek, College Station has 1,400 acres of parks, 60 miles of bike trails, two dog parks and challenging recreation programs to keep you sweating all year.

See you out there!

Lacey Lively

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